3 Workout Secrets to Losing Stubborn Belly Fat No One is Talking About

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Belly fat, the big ugly saturation of useless fat around your otherwise beautiful waistline is not only a ‘dark spot’ on your appearance but also a toll on your health!


Over the years, many products have been launched that claim to ‘cut’ the belly fat like magic. In fact, the internet is saturated with tons of blogs and websites where ‘experts’ claim to reduce people’s belly fat when nothing else works.


While they might be right (or wrong), we definitely have something that can help you out.


In this post, we have compiled 3 workout secrets that will help you reduce the belly fat. These workout strategies are highly effective and people usually are unaware of them.


Let’s get started!


1#:Practice High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT


HIIT is a buzzword for the fitness freaks and athletic geeks. High Intensity Interval Training, as the name suggests, is a form of interval training that includes performing a set of different cardiovascular exercises. These exercises are separated by fixed time intervals and performed at maximum and medium intensity. One must keep in mind that these exercises are anaerobic in nature, and are targeted towards enhancing your Glucose metabolism and athletic capacity.


HIIT is a research proven strategy, which if, followed correctly cuts down the stubborn fat not just from the belly, but also other parts of the body.


HIIT schedule begins with a ‘warm up’ period. One can perform pushups, stretched or jog in this phase. This phase is ensued by intense anaerobic exercise at near 100 percent strength. It can include sprints, intense pushups, etc. After this, another exercise is to be followed at nearly half the strength of the previous exercise. Finally, there is the cool-down period. An average HIIT session lasts less than 30 minutes. Beginners or those who have considerably low levels of fitness can even start with HIIT sessions of 5-6 minutes and notice fat loss after a few weeks!


#2: Strength Training


While weight loss and cutting-down fat might be your goal, it can be very well served by Strength Training. Strength training is aimed at increasing your lean muscle mass and boost your strength. You may now ask, do you really need strength training to reduce belly fat? Well, here is the answer.


Your belly fat is the result of un-utilized calories in the body. That means, the fat deposits signify lesser rate of calorie burning by your body than the rate of calorie intake. The ability of your body to burn calories without any workout is measured by BMR or Base Metabolic Rate. The BMR is kind of a ‘standard’ metric to know how many calories are required to maintain a unit of muscle or fat. You must now understand that the BMR for lean muscles is much higher than that of the fat tissue. That means, it takes up much more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than a pound of fat!


If you start strength training, especially with the exercises aimed at your core and pelvis, you’ll see visible difference in a matter of just few weeks.


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#3: Rest Between Workout Days


Fitness experts often quote a term ‘Body Burnout.’ Burnout is nothing but a state of any system whereby any amount of input leads to minimum or no output while wearing out the system. A person can suffer from mental burnout, body burnout or emotional burnout. Think of your body as a car engine. It can only go up to a certain RPM at certain load. Beyond that, it will break!
Resting between your workout sessions is highly important because it gives your muscles and body vitals to ‘recover’ and regenerate without being fatigued. In fact, if you put in a lot of effort in workout and don’t take out time for rest, you might even see disappointing or no results.


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