Why All Women Need Strength Training To Look And Feel Their Best

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Ashley Gray

Oftentimes when women are pictured doing an exercise, it is mostly an aerobic or yoga type. While cardio and yoga are all good for your body, strength training can do a lot more.

The benefits of strength training far surpass regular exercise and it is yet looked down upon because of certain myths around it. Let's first bust down such baseless myths and get you to see the real benefits of strength training.

  • Myth 1: Strength Training Makes a Woman Bulky

Do you know what exactly is needed to bulk up? It is testosterone. And lots of testosterone to actually look like the bodybuilders you see on TV.

When women do strength training, the actual results are awesome. It doesn't make them look beefy but toned and trim. Your muscles will get tighter and your muscle definition would be more prominent making you look cool in any dress you choose to wear.

  • Myth 2: Women and Men Need Different Type of Strength Training

Strength training does not differ for men and women. The only difference is the production of type 2A fibers which is more for men when they strength train. Besides that, there is no other difference that demands a separate kind of strength training for men and women. It is the same body movements and exercises combined with the progressive overload that allows your muscles to get stronger.

  • Myth 3: Old Women Cannot Strength Train

This myth cannot be any farther from the truth. Strength training is actually a great way to regain muscle strength and reduce muscle loss that happens due to aging. Older women will find strength training much more useful as it helps them gain muscle mass and helps them be agile.

As people age, they lose more minerals from bone and become prone to osteoporosis. Women are at a higher risk for developing this bone problem and should actually put in more focus on strength training.

Now that you are cleared up about the myths let's see how strength training can make you look your best.

Advantages of Strength Training for Women

  • Toned Body

As mentioned earlier, strength training will make you look fit and healthy. And you can visibly see the results faster than you could with cardio. So those flat abs you were waiting for will soon be a reality with strength training.

Women store 10% more body fat than men. What can be more effective than strength training to lose all the fat? You don't need to perform spot training to lose fat in your tummy. Strength training makes you lose your overall fat as the more muscle mass you build, the more amount of fat you will burn.

  • Gain Confidence

Women or men, all look their best when they are confident. You feel stronger and more capable. The small things that made you feel weak like not able to lift you, kids, carry the luggage will all slowly disappear as you become stronger with strength training.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

As with any exercise activity, your mind will feel a lot more at ease when you strength train. It helps you elevate your mood and stay fresh in both body and mind.

  • Reduces Risk of Injury

This could very well go under the myth-busting section. Many people worry that lifting weights could injure them. But the actual truth is strength training reduces the risk of injury every time you work out as your muscles and bones are getting stronger.

  • Helps Keep Your Joints Healthy

Women above 35 are at risk of losing muscle mass and bone density as they age. Strength training can help you combat this and let you regain your youthful vigor. It gives you relief from joint pains and back pains.

  • Improved Body Image

When you feel better about yourself and are healthy, you automatically develop a positive body image that goes a long way in building a happy life.

  • Faster Results

Cardio may seem all elegant and easy to do. But the problem is as you keep doing cardio over a time, you hit what is called the cardio plateau, after which it becomes too difficult to push yourself to go higher.

Cardio demands you to keep doing more to see actual results. But strength training, on the other hand, can burn calories faster and lets you achieve your goals at the fixed time you have. The results are faster with strength training. It also builds your muscle strength over time and makes you fit for going to the next level of cardio as well.

  • Reduced Risk of Diseases

Strength training is one of the very few ways available to increase bone density and muscle mass in a healthy way. Research has also proved that strength training lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Next Steps

Don’t stop yourself from strength training. Push the limits, and cross the boundaries.

Go ahead, and make way for a healthier you!

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