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Think Foot Orthotics Are Only For “Flat Feet?” Wrong!

If You Suffer From Any Of The Conditions Below… Properly Fitted Orthotics Could Provide Instant & Lasting Pain Relief You’ve Been Looking For!

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Watch This Video From Dr. Scott Gray On How Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help You…

Few people realize just how important proper foot alignment can be. In fact, many patients we see spent years suffering from constant–but unnecessary–pain because their “foot health” was never addressed!

How Art Overcame His Foot Pain…

Many times, the simplest solution is the best…

This is one of those cases. Here’s an example of an actual patient of ours…

Art M. could only walk or stand for brief periods without experiencing joint pain in his ankles, knees and even up through his hips. He tolerated it at first, but as he aged, it had become normal for him to have to sit and “recover” during outings, while friends and family waited patiently…

He started to golf less frequently…

Hiking trips came off the schedule.

And he even passed on a family trip to Disney because he knew his legs couldn’t take that much walking. The thing is…Art is only 52 years old.

He just assumed his younger days playing college football were catching up with him… He shrugged it off as arthritis and general “wear and tear”…

When things finally got to the point where he was experiencing regular back pain too, his wife suggested he take some action.

He called us.

Custom Foot Orthotics Address The Real Reason Why You’re In Pain..

After a brief exam where we carefully retraced the source of his complaints, I recommended Art try our custom orthotic solution.

What a difference!

Almost immediately, his feet stopped hurting… Next thing you know, his knees stopped aching during his increasingly longer walks…

Finally, he could actually feel his range or motion returning to his hips.

The impact on his lifestyle was even more powerful…

Today he’s back to in charge of his health again! He participates in all the family activities he missed out on for so long…

The impact on his lifestyle was even more powerful…

Today he’s back to in charge of his health again! He participates in all the family activities he missed out on for so long…

All Because We Found The Real Source Of His Pain And Fixed It With The Properly-Fitted Orthotics!

Custom foot orthotics and Shoe Inserts

The Conditions Foot Orthotics Helps With…

Orthotics address a larger number of conditions than most people realize…

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Plantar fasciitis & heel pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Knee & Hip pain

  • Shin splints

  • Ankle tendonitis

  • Bunions & Neuromas

  • Even poor balance & mobility

(And many more conditions we are able to diagnose in our clinic.)

It all starts with your feet, if you think about it.

If your foundation is off, the entire “body” will suffer.

Here at Back In Motion Sports & Spine Physical Therapy, we’ve been fitting Fort Myers-area residents with our exclusive QUADRASTEP System® for years.

No one knows your feet better!

The QUADRASTEP System is completely custom-fitted to your feet, and is the “gold standard” in the industry…

And it maybe the best and most affordable solution to your pain!

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Please Don’t Get Pulled Into The Trap Of
Buying Those Generic Inserts You See At The Big Chain Stores!


Because it’s impossible for those products to take into account your lifestyle, activity level, weight & size, past injury history, etc…

Everything that makes you- YOU!

Only professionally-fitted orthotics can do that.

If you’d like to discover if orthotics can be the simple solution to the pain you’ve been enduring for too long, call us today and we can set up an appointment.

We’ll do a proper evaluation of your situation and body structure. Together we can determine if orthotics are the right answer for you.

It all starts with a simple call.

Don’t face another day of preventable pain!

Call us today.

One of our experts will explain how our process works, and how you can finally reclaim your active lifestyle again!

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We offer 100% money back guarantee on our custom foot orthotics

We Guarantee They’ll Help You Or You Pay NOTHING….

We’ve seen how great our foot orthotics works that we’ll even take on 100% of the risk.  If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your results, we’ll refund your money.

It’s that simple!

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