If you’re considering spinal surgery, you must watch this video and/or read this blog post before you do anything. Considering spinal surgery is a big decision to make.

You’re in pain, you’re tired of the pain, you can’t sleep at night, you can’t do your daily functioning activities. But the truth of the matter is there is no guarantee that a spinal surgery will work for you.

In fact, they call it failed spinal surgery syndrome in the medical model, where about roughly 50% of the people who have spinal surgery will fail.

I’m not saying the spinal surgery isn’t for everyone, it does do wonders for patients that do need it, but it should be your last and only last option.

Physical Therapy should be your first line of defense!

1) You’re Spine Wasn’t Made To Be Cut On

Your spine wasn’t made to be cut on, think about it, right? So, you’ve got multiple layers of tissue and your back just really wasn’t made to be cut on and have rods put into it, right?

And so, that’s what spinal surgery is going to do for you.

2) Wrong Diagnosis

The second reason why most spinal surgeries fail is that the spinal surgeon just gets the wrong diagnosis. I had a patient who had come into me about two months ago, she had a hip replacement, but she was having this unrelenting back pain.

She went and saw her spine surgeon and he told her immediately that they needed to have surgery, but she didn’t have any red flags and nothing really had changed in her history, except for that she got this hip replacement.

When you do an MRI or x-ray, which this physician had ordered, you’re going to find stuff that’s wrong with your back, but it wasn’t what was truly going on with this patient’s back pain.

And so, this patient had actually a leg length discrepancy from her total hip replacement, and it was throwing her back out of alignment and so overstressing and compensating it.

If this patient were to go ahead and proceed with spinal surgery, it wasn’t going to work because the spinal surgeon had missed listening to this patient, that it was her hip, leg length was off and it was causing her back to compensate.

3) Doesn’t Get To The Root Cause

The third reason why most spinal surgeries fail is that again, they don’t get to the root cause.

If you’ve got a herniated disc, a bulging disc, yeah they can cut it, but the chances are that herniated disc bulging is just going to come back because they never addressed what was contributing to that patient’s lower back pain to cause that herniated disc in the first place.

For instance, was it a tight hip joint, was it tight muscles around the hip that caused the back to become more flexible, which was causing and stressing and straining it? Right.

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4) No Guarantees

Another common reason why spinal surgery should be your last option would be … I’m trying to think. Is that you’re not really guaranteed to make a full recovery.

So, usually, when a surgeon or someone cuts on you, you don’t get the rehabilitation afterward.

And it’s because a lot of times they’re afraid that they’re going to get a lawsuit against them because it is so invasive and that there are no guarantees, that they don’t want anyone else to touch their back after spinal surgery. And that’s just the wrong approach, right?

So, if you’ve got rods and cones and things put into your spine and your muscles have been cut, you need to rehabilitate those muscles.

You need to make those muscles stronger.

ou need to regain the flexibility of your spine and you also just need to get the confidence in knowing that you can bend, lift, and twist again, without throwing out your back and along those same token.

Spinal Surgery Should Be Your Last Option…

So, there you have it in a nutshell, those are really the main reasons why spinal surgery should be your last option…

One, It’s literally a flip of a coin if it’s going to work.

Two, it doesn’t really address the root cause in most instances.

Three, it doesn’t properly rehabilitate the muscles and those things.

Four, a lot of times, patients just don’t even need it because if you do an MRI or an x-ray on someone, you’re going to find something wrong.

When you see a spinal surgeon, a lot of times, they’re not evaluating you and correlating your physical exam with your MRI or x-ray.

That’s really where the medical model has gone wrong in regards to treating a spine pathology. So, unless you’ve have a red flag where you need, and you’ve tried everything, then I would maybe consider it at that stage.

But until you’ve tried all conservative measures and care, then don’t proceed into a spinal surgery because it may not work.


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