A healthy body is the real wealth! Ask anyone in the slightest of physical distress and they will tell you. Any form of pain of any varying intensity in any part of the body is hard to ignore and enough to make our day miserable. Back pain is one such evil. It can turn a good day blue, a sunny morning into a rainy day, and affect your health badly in the long run.

Back pain can be benign or sign of something more serious happening in your body. However, the back pain that you get while sitting is most likely to be a posture problem, or that arising from pressure on your spinal disc or a spinal muscle. Thankfully, a majority of back pain complaints by the patients is due to benign reasons and incorrect posture. Ignoring them, however, can lead to back distress later in your life. So do not ignore it if you’re currently having it.

Here are the top reasons why you get back pain when sitting:

Your Sitting Posture is wrong!

A common complaint by the working adults with busy lifestyles and teens who spend hours in front of various digital screens is back pain while sitting on a chair. Many people do not realize that there is only once correct posture to sit on any chair (except the rocking chair), and that is to sit straight with your back parallel to the backrest.

An incorrect angle of sitting puts pressure on your spinal discs and also stretches out the muscles of your spine. As this becomes a habit, your muscles barely get enough time to regain their shape and heal the damaged muscle fibers. If you constantly face this problem, you’ll need professional physio-therapy assistance for quick and effective relief. Or, you can follow the steps given at the end of this article!

Sitting for too long

Modern lifestyle forces us to work mentally while staying in one place, probably in front of our work stations for too long. While our bodies are designed for movement after every few minutes, we think we barely get time to rest! Sitting for too long, hence, is a pressure on our back and spine, the effects of which you’ll notice after a few months or years depending on your age. Sitting for too long, on any surface, can cause forced compression on your spinal discs, and enforce unnecessary pressure on the back muscles.

If this is the underlying reason for your back pain when sitting, then make it a habit to take a ‘movement’ break every 25-30 minutes. This will help your back regain its strength and spine to ‘refresh’ so that you can sit for another half-hour or two.

Leaning Forward while Sitting

Many people unintentionally lean forward, way forward while sitting on the chair or the bed. This wrong posture again puts pressure on the back and the body, and can even cause shoulder or neck pain in the long run. While leaning forward, you put considerably more pressure on your spinal discs for compression compared to leaning backward. Sitting straight up can give you noticeable relief in a few weeks.

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What can You Do?

Change Your Chair & Sitting Position

The simplest and most effective way to get back pain relief when sitting is to correct the way that you’re sitting. Try to sit up in your chair restoring your back’s natural arch. Also, be sure to use your backrest when sitting in your chair.

Consult A Doctor Of Physical Therapy

Doctors of Physical Therapy are also qualified professionals who can figure out the reason for your back pain and recommend effective practices that are sure to help you out including posture re-education, myofascial release, strengthening exercises, and spinal manipulation. A physical therapist might also suggest you consult a doctor if he/she suspects something fishy underlying your back pain.

Practice Yoga

It goes without saying that Yoga rejuvenates the stagnant human body and flourishes its vital life forces. If your pain is due to wrong posture and benign reasons, then Yoga exercises every day can help you overcome your back pain in just a few weeks.

Your back pain should not hinder you from living life to the fullest every day. Follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines to kill your back pain effectively. Cheers to a healthy life!

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About Author: Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray is an internationally recognized and expert physical therapist specializing in sport, athletic, and back and neck injuries. He is the inventor of a revolutionary form of treatment called the GRAY METHOD. This type of treatment unlike others, addresses the CAUSE rather than just your SYMPTOMS with a full body approach. For more information on how to ease or overcome your injury, go to www.backinmotionsspt.com.

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