5 08, 2019

A Definitive Guide to Sports Physical Therapy

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Overview of Sports Physical Therapy: When it comes to getting sports-related injury treatment,  sports physical therapy has been shown to be one of the best treatments. It helps patients with a sports-related injury restore return to their sport or activity safely. The process of regaining strength & function can be short or long depending on your sports injury, but fortunately, with sports physical therapy athletes can be restored to their full health. Sports Injury Conditions Physical Therapists Treat: Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are painful and can limit the motion. In addition, it can prevent a person from enjoying normal activities, let alone sports activities. Sport physical therapy can help improve ankle range [...]

17 08, 2018

6 Knee Injury Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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Serious Knee Injury Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore... If you're suffering from knee injury symptoms, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll disclose everything you need to know about knee injury symptoms you shouldn't ignore. We'll even disclose at the end how knee physical therapy can help you prevent a surgery and get back on your feet. An estimated 6.6 million knee injuries were presented to emergence departments of U.S. from 1999 to 2008. – Research You experience swelling and pain while twisting. You smashed into another player and received bruising in the knee, or you have been suffering from knee pain for more than four weeks, and you see no [...]

14 01, 2018

ACL Tear- Common Sports Injuries Part 3

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The Dreaded ACL TEAR.... We have all heard of the dreaded ACL tear. Whether your a basketball player, football player, or even a volleyball player all athletes can be exposed to this knee injury.  Although surgery has helped many athletes, it's not a guarantee. Many athletes struggle regaining knee motion and strength which results in many lost years competing and potential ending of their career. In this post we'll cover the following:  What is an ACL Tear The Different Types of ACL Repair ACL Physical Therapy Or ACL Rehab ACL Surgery Recovery TimeLine Concluding Thoughts On ACL Tears What Is An ACL Tear? Your here because you have either injured your knee [...]