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Attention: If you’re over age 40 and intend to remain active and vibrant in the coming decades, the information below could prevent the injuries that can stop you in your tracks…literally!

Participating In Challenging Physical Activities After Age 40 Should NOT Mean Dealing With A Constant Series Of Nagging Injuries…

Find Out What Our Most Successful Clients Do To Keep Their Bodies Strong, Mobile And Injury-Free As They Age!

Our Sports Injury Physical Therapy program can make you “bullet-proof” against those tough–but common–orthopedic injuries most people accept as a normal part of aging.

You hear the horror stories all the time…

  • A jog along the river triggers a painful and debilitating case of plantar fasciitis
  • A causal outing of baseball or softball ends in a nasty hamstring tear
  • A bout of snow shoveling results in endless low back pain
  • A single awkward swing of the tennis racket or golf club spirals into rotator cuff surgery
  • A simple pick-up basketball game results in a ruptured Achilles tendon or traumatic knee injury

Hey, those kinds of things just happen. Right?


Did you know that the majority of these injuries are entirely preventable or can be healed quickly by seeing a sport physical therapist?

It’s true.

Unfortunately, we all know that some of these injuries can mean life-long limitations…especially after our body’s ability to recover slows down.

“It’s just a normal part of aging.” you’ve been told…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

So, what can be done about it?

“The obvious way to avoid these injuries is to be ready for them before they happen in the first place!
But that doesn’t mean avoid exercise or rigorous sports altogether!”

Taking some well-designed preventative measures is the key.

Our physical therapy practice has seen significant changes over time in the attitudes and actions of our average patients through the years.

People over age 40 today are not like previous generations…

Our parents and grandparents slowed down with age, but you’re part of a demographic that wants more out of life.

Sitting on the sidelines for the rest of your days is NOT an option.

You want to live a long, active life…and we can help make that happen!

That’s the mindset behind our Sports Injury Prevention program.

As we mentioned, many of the more common sports-related injuries we see are entirely preventable.

Here are some “traps” many people over 40 fall into which can lead to injury:

  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle and then suddenly attempting strenuous activity
  • Not adequately warming up before participating in sports of any kind…even in summer
  • Losing mobility in the major joints of the body such as the hips, knees and shoulders
  • Allowing endurance levels to drop to dangerous levels. This allows fatigue to set in sooner, resulting in a greater likelihood of injury
  • Not taking steps to maintain vital muscle mass. The average person loses up to one half pound of muscle mass per year after age 40. This also makes injury more likely

Each one of these actions (they’re really the result of a LACK of action) can open the door to serious injury…preventing you from doing the things you LOVE.

Did you notice something about this list?

Again, everything here is entirely preventable!

If you have any intention of maintaining an active lifestyle as you age, our Sports Injury Prevention program is for you.

If you’d like to find out all the details, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly specialized program.

As a result, space is quite limited.

This program is for the action-takers out there…

The ones who have no inclination to slow down with age, but instead want to try new things, stay healthy and live a long, vibrant life!

If this sounds like you, here are some things you can do, before we even speak on the phone, to decrease your likelihood of getting hurt…

1. Get out and move around! Too many of us now sit for prolonged periods of time. This hurts our cardiovascular systems while crushing our mobility at the same time. A dangerous double-whammy!

2. Use resistance training to build muscle mass. The only proven way to maintain that all-important muscle mass that keeps us strong and independent is to lift weights. (We can design proven programs for you!)

3. Do regular flexibility training. Many injuries happen because a muscle is stretched beyond its limits. While you may not be a gymnast, keeping the range of motion you currently have is vital. When you stretch regularly, you make it less likely you’ll be injured in a sports situation.

4. Do a “dynamic warm up” prior to ALL sports activities. All too often, we hop into our activities with little thought of warming up…or that warmup consists of a few short stretches. This is a prescription for injury. A proper warmup gets our blood flowing, wakes up our nervous system and increases the range of motion in the muscles we’re about to use.

5. Get in at least 60 minutes of cardio work each week. Many injuries happen when we’re tired. Once we become fatigued, our form suffers and it’s more likely we will move in an awkward way. This dramatically increases the possibility of a muscle, ligament or tendon strain

Remember: Suffering a major orthopedic injury at this stage in life can destroy your dream of an active “second half” or retirement.

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen this first hand…

Taking the proper steps now can preserve your vision of the future.


If you’d like to discuss your personalized treatment plan and get answers to questions about cost, insurance coverage, time frames and more, we urge you to take advantage of your FREE, no-obligation phone call with a member of our Sports Injury Expert Team!

This program is NOT like joining a gym and hoping for the best.

We are experts in the types of injuries you’re most likely to suffer and know how to stop them from happening!

But, we’re a little biased about how good our program actually is…

So, before you call for a free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll want to hear from these past Sports Injury Prevention clients who regularly engage in all kinds of sports:

Look How We’ve Helped Patients Suffering

With Sports Injury Just Like You…

Ricardo Cardenas,

Business Professional

 I had back pain that prevented me from doing my work. It even prevented me from doing my fitness routine. Dr. Gray’s Gray Method pin-pointed exactly what my problem was and what treatment I needed. I can honestly say I am now pain free

randy handerson mayor of Fort Myers

Randy Henderson,

Mayor Of Fort Myers, FL

I was able to get rid of my back pain seeing Dr. Gray and his staff at Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Fort Myers, this is the place.

Health Professional

Emily Burke,

Health Professional

I had a herniated my disc in my back. I thought my only option was surgery; however, after seeing Dr. Scott I avoided that and I am back to my old routine.

NOTE: You have no obligation after the call.

Let’s talk about your unique situation, your goals and your obstacles.

Together we can chart a course for your active and healthy future doing the things you love to do!

Sounds reasonable?

We look forward to working with you!

Dr. Scott Gray

Founder – Back in Motion Sports & Spine Physical Therapy