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Is There a Better Way to Help Your Child with Scoliosis?

When your child is diagnosed with scoliosis, it’s only natural to wonder what the best course of action is to help your child.

You may have heard that your only two options are surgery or waiting around for your child to “grow out of it.”

Perhaps you’ve also heard that scoliosis is caused by heavy backpacks or certain physical activities, or that your child must avoid sports with scoliosis.

If you’ve heard any of those things, they are myths.

And if you’re thinking: There MUST be a better way to help my child – you’re right!

We’ll just need to sort through some common misconceptions and learn the truth about scoliosis before we get there…

The Truth About Traditional Scoliosis Treatments…

A diagnosis of scoliosis can leave you and your child feeling helpless.

It feels like a guessing game – Should my child not do this/that? Will it progress and become painful or debilitating?

The traditional method of treatment is to “wait and see,” doing nothing but monitoring the condition to see if a brace or surgery is needed.

Not only does this traditional method make you feel more helpless, but it is actually DANGEROUS to your child’s health.

Waiting with wishful thinking is a sure way to increase your child’s risk of complications.

The scary part is that some doctors still vouch for this traditional method, even though there is extensive evidence proving that this is the WORST thing you can do for scoliosis.


The REAL Causes of Scoliosis

There are many myths regarding the causes of scoliosis.

Many people believe that scoliosis in children is preventable by avoiding certain activities, when in fact, this is proven false.

Most cases of scoliosis are idiopathic (meaning no known cause).

Scoliosis itself is not preventable BUT you CAN typically prevent it from getting worse.

That’s why it’s so important to start treatment as soon as your child is diagnosed with even a mild case.

See your doctor to get a proper diagnosis (they may refer you to specialists such as an ENT or neurologist). In the meantime, attend vestibular therapy to jumpstart your recovery and reduce your fall risk.


Worry is Normal, But You Have More Control Than You Think Over Scoliosis

We understand how distressing it is to hear that your child has scoliosis.

On the bright side, you DO have the power to help manage this condition and help prevent it from escalating.

The best solution is scoliosis-specific physical therapy.

Scoliosis-specific physical therapy is very different from general physical therapy in that it contains exercises to stretch, strengthen, and adjust the spine that are UNIQUELY TAILORED to the patient’s specific case of scoliosis.

Scoliosis-specific physical therapy is scientifically proven as a safe and effective way to:

  • Prevent the scoliosis from worsening
  • Manage the symptoms of scoliosis
  • Reduce the need for surgery, painkillers, and other riskier treatments


Imagine Your Child with a Healthy & Scoliosis Free Spine…

Our scoliosis physical therapists have seen first-hand the difference that proper scoliosis treatment has on a child’s quality of life. 

We know that searching for the right treatment is daunting – you certainly want to avoid anything that’s unnecessarily risky or can cause more harm. 

That’s why our scoliosis-specific physical therapy is the best treatment available. It is a safe and non-invasive way to treat scoliosis when used alone or in combination with other treatments. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why our cutting-edge scoliosis physical therapy treatment is so effective:

  • We accurately pinpoint any issues that could worsen scoliosis (such as poor posture, tightness, or weakness) and we FIX them
  • We combine exercise-based and manual therapy that is SPECIFIC to your child’s case of scoliosis, in order to safely readjust the spine
  • We improve the patient’s range of motion so that they can move as freely as possible without stiffness or pain

There IS HOPE for your child’s spine to return to normal…and our scoliosis physical therapy treatment is your best bet in making this hope a reality. 

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