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If You’re A Runner & Intend To Remain Active & Vibrant In The Coming Decades, The Information Below Will Help You Quickly Overcome Your Running Injury…

Discover How You Can Quickly Overcome Your Running Injury Without Surgery or Painkillers…

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Our Running Treatment Program Can Make You “Bullet-Proof” Against Those Tough But Common Orthopedic & Sport Injuries Most People Accept As A Normal Part Of The Running Process.

Watch This Quick Video From Dr. Scott Gray, And Learn More About How We Could Help You With Your Running Injury…

Watch This Quick Video From Dr. Scott Gray, And Learn More About How We Could Help You With Your Running Injury…

You Hear The Horror Stories All The Time…

You Hear The Horror Stories All The Time…

A simple run results in irritation to the achilles tendon

A jog along the river triggers a painful and debilitating case of plantar fasciitis

An increase in mileage before a big race turns into a pulled hamstring

A single awkward step down a curb turns into a knee injury

Hey, those kinds of things just happen, Right?


Did You Know That The Majority Of Running Injuries Are Entirely Preventable?

Did You Know That The Majority Of Running Injuries Are Entirely Preventable?

It’s true.

Unfortunately, we all know that injuries do happen as our bodies endure miles upon miles of volume but the majority of them are preventable!

So, what can be done about it?

“The Obvious Way To Avoid These Injuries Is To Be Ready For Them Before They Happen In The First Place!”

Taking some well-designed preventative measures is the key.

Runners are a different breed….

They need to keep and maintain their active and healthy lifestyle…

They need their “endorphin” fix…


They don’t have time to be slowed by an injury

Sitting on the sidelines and resting is NOT an option.

You want to keep running for decades to come…and we can help make that happen!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


I’m Dr. Scott Gray.

I’m the owner and founder of the region’s premier physical therapy treatment center, Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy.  I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the creator of a revolutionary form of treatment called “The Gray Method” TM.

As a former Division 1 athlete whose career was cut short by injury, I know first-hand what it’s like to not feel “normal” and how frustrating it can be to try to find a permanent solution to your pain.

I’ve spent years helping hundreds of Southern Florida residents return to a pain-free life, permanently using appropriate testing and employing the most modern and proven treatment tools available.

I chose my path knowing the skills and treatment protocols a Doctor of Physical Therapy has at their fingertips are second to none.

If you’ve had multiple tests while trying to pinpoint your condition…

If you’ve seen two or more specialists for the same reason…

If you’re frustrated because you’re right back where you started, with no pain relief insight, we can help.

Together we can get you off the “pain treadmill”.

That’s The Mindset Behind Our Running Injury Treatment Program.

That’s The Mindset Behind Our Running Injury Treatment Program.

As we mentioned, many of the more common running-related injuries we see are entirely preventable.

Here are some “traps” many runners fall into which can lead to injury:

Living a sedentary lifestyle and then suddenly attempting to run

Not adequately warming up before running

Losing mobility in the major joints of the body such as the hips, knees and feet

Not frequently changing your shoes or wearing the CORRECT shoes

Not taking steps to maintain vital muscle strength. Yes! You need adequate strength to stay healthy!

Each One Of These Actions (They’re Really The Result Of A LACK Of Action) Can Open The Door To A Serious Running Injury…Preventing You From Doing The Things You LOVE.

Each One Of These Actions (They’re Really The Result Of A LACK Of Action) Can Open The Door To A Serious Running Injury…Preventing You From Doing The Things You LOVE.

Did you notice something about this list?

Again, everything here is entirely preventable!

If you have any intention of maintaining an active lifestyle as you age, our Running Injury Treatment Program is for you.

If you’d like to find out all the details, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

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This program is for the action-takers out there…

The ones who have no inclination to slow down, are serious about getting and staying healthy, and want to run at a high level!

If this sounds like you, here are some things you can do, before we even speak on the phone, to decrease your likelihood of getting hurt…

  • Get out and move around! Too many of us now sit for prolonged periods of time. This hurts our cardiovascular systems while crushing our mobility at the same time. A dangerous double-whammy!

  • Use resistance training to build muscle strength. The only proven way to maintain that all-important muscle mass that keeps us strong and independent is to lift weights. (We can design proven programs for you!)

  • Do regular flexibility training. Many running injuries happen because a muscle is stretched beyond its limits. While you may not be a gymnast, keeping the range of motion you currently have is vital. When you stretch regularly, you make it less likely you’ll be injured while running.

  • Do a “dynamic warmup” prior to ALL your runs. All too often, we hop into our activities with little thought of warming up…or that warm-up consists of a few short stretches. This is a prescription for injury. A proper warmup gets our blood flowing, wakes up our nervous system and increases the range of motion in the muscles we’re about to use.

  • Change your shoes regularly. Many injuries happen when we’re worn out our shoes or are wearing the incorrect shoes. This dramatically increases the possibility of a muscle, ligament or tendon strain while running. See a local running shoe expert to ensure you’re wearing the correct shoes!

Remember: Suffering a running injury can slow you down and turn into more injuries if not treated properly….

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen this first hand…

Taking the proper steps now so you can continue to run and be healthy!

This program is NOT like going to a medical provider that has no idea about running or what it takes to be successful runnner…..

We are experts in the types of injuries you’re most likely to suffer and know how to stop them from happening!

But, we’re a little biased about how good our program actually is…

So, before you call for a free, no-obligation consultation, you’ll want to hear from these past Sports Injury Prevention clients who regularly engage in all kinds of sports:

Running injury treatment helped Wisnick run faster

“I hurt my knee while running. Back In Motion fixed the cause of my knee pain and I’m now glad to say that I’m pain free!”

Wisnick Bespleaun , Runner | Fort Myers
My running injury was treated correctly and fast at Back In Motion Sport & Spine PT

“I tried other forms of treatment with no benefit. It wasn’t until I tried this approach that now I’m feeling much improved & running injury free. If it worked for me, it will work for you, too…”

Tonia Olsen, Iron Man Athlete| Fort Myers, FL

Treatment for Your Running Injury is at Your Fingertips…

Remember, there’s no need to stay in pain another day…

Don’t let your quality of life suffer any longer!

And please…don’t cover up or mask your pain with anti-inflammatory drugs that can harm your internal organs. They can do more harm than good!

Let’s discover the root cause of your injury and get you back running again!

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Let’s talk about your unique situation, your goals, and your obstacles.

Together we can chart a course for your active and healthy future doing the things you love to do!

Sounds reasonable?

We look forward to working with you soon!

Dedicated to your success,

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