Treating an Ankle Sprain, Should I See a Professional?

Do you know how to treat ankle sprains? Would you know when to visit a medical professional and when to try and work the kinks out yourself when treating an ankle sprain?

The odds are good that you might be unaware of what kinds of ankle sprains require immediate medical attention from the ones that you can – figuratively speaking – walk off. Ankle sprains are painful, annoying, and in some cases may hamper the activities you are used to engaging in.

Treating Ankle sprains with rehab is the treatment of a sprain that may be moderate to severe. In some cases, there is little that a doctor or physical therapist can do.

Usually, the patient recognizes such sprains as being very mild. A bit of care and extra rest usually gets the affected ankle working well again.

When ankle sprain rehab is indicated, getting the ankle to properly heal requires a good bit of effort and the involvement of medical professionals. Our Fort Myers, FL physical therapy clinic deals with ankle injuries like this daily.

Treating Ankle Sprains

First and foremost, take your weight off the affected ankle. Sprains require absolute rest of the limb and in so doing you will prevent any further injury or ligament tearing.

Rest may simply mean walking with the help of crutches or relying on the shoulder of someone else to help you hobble about as you seek a place to sit down and continue work on your ankle sprains.

The next course of action demands the use of ice packs. The goal of icing your ankle must be an immediate one, as this will curtail any swelling and bruising.

Caught early enough, the odds are good that your ankle sprains will not develop the cornucopia of colors usually associated with a nasty sprain.

Next on the list for ankle sprains is the compression of the area.

This, too, prevents further swelling from taking place. It also provides some support to encourage the partially torn ligament to heal in place.

It may take a while before you know when a sprain is properly bandaged to support the weight that is placed on the limb.

Ankle sprains that are too tightly or too loosely wound for comfort or support are not as effective. Once this is accomplished, the last thing to keep in mind is the elevation of the limb.

Elevating limbs affected by ankle sprains is supremely easy to do, and if you have a pillow you can place on another chair and then place your leg upon, you will be in good shape.

The goal of the ankle sprains elevation is the idea of keeping swelling from building up, as is usually the case when fluid builds up in a joint. This fluid is natural to the body but keeping it out of the joint helps the healing process.

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When Ankle Sprain Rehab Should Be Considered

When the tendons that are found all around the joint are affected to such an extent as to make the sprain moderate or even severe, ankle sprain rehab is most likely the only viable option for healing.

Ankle sprain rehab dealing with a grade two sprain usually requires the sufferer to overcome the instability associated with the limb and its partially torn ligaments.

For third grade sprains, the severity of the instability increases, and it is here that the entire ligament has in effect been torn.

How Can We Help with Ankle Sprain Rehab

We can help those with severe ankle injuries heal and overcome the injury using physical therapy.

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About Author: Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray is an internationally recognized and expert physical therapist specializing in sport, athletic, and back, and neck injuries. He is the inventor of a revolutionary form of treatment called the GRAY METHOD. This type of treatment unlike others addresses the CAUSE rather than just your SYMPTOMS with a full-body approach.

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