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Are You Looking for Physical Therapy at Pelican Sound?

Whether you’ve come looking for specialist advice because the hospital system has let you down or you’ve been told that “rest and painkillers” is your only option, then seeing one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy at our Estero, FL office inside Pelican Sound Golf & River Club may be the perfect solution for you.

We offer an array of treatments and services but we use our trademarked approach, The Gray Method, which fixes the root cause of your pain, stiffness, or injury to get you back in motion safely and quickly.

We’ve helped 1000’s of patients just like YOU with our approach and are eagerly waiting to see if you can be our next success story.

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Why Choose Back In Motion Sport & Spine
Physical Therapy in Estero, FL?

We fix the cause and not just your symptoms.

When you’re in pain, stopping that pain and getting back to a “normal life” becomes your top priority. You may have suffered an injury. It’s possible you had recent surgery or perhaps you’re enduring a degenerative condition like arthritis.

No matter what’s causing your pain, you need answers, and you need a clear path to a full recovery & while there are several options available to you for treatment, knowing the correct option for you can be challenging and confusing. We understand.

Patient Review

“I’ve referred dozens of our Pelican Sound members who have physical issues to Back in Motion. They all come back to me to thank me. I know first-hand what it’s like to be restricted from activities because of physical issues.

The doctors at Back in Motion know how to assess and treat your issues. The goal is to get you pain free and active again quickly and safely. Then you can have fun golfing, playing tennis and exercising. Give their office a call to get a consultation.”

Mike Mastro 

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain

Want to get back in motion onsite at the pelican sound golf & river club?

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If you’re not quite ready to book an appointment, but have unanswered questions about whether our services are right for you, we’d love to talk to you over the phone or in person. We call it our Free Discovery Visit. It could be that you also don’t know if we can help you, or maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past.

If you’d like to come in and see for yourself how we can help you, please fill out the short form below and tell us more about you so we can answer all your questions, concerns, completely for free with no strings attached!

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If you’re ready to get started today towards a pain-free life and want to schedule an appointment or just learn more about our services over the phone, click the button below to request an appointment with one of our expert Fort Myers physical therapists.

All you need to do is fill out a simple form that takes 25 seconds. We will give you a call as soon as possible to answer all your questions and learn more about your pain or condition to see if we can help you!

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Meet Dr. David Pelican sound’s very own physical therapist in estero, Florida

Dr. David is from St. Louis, MO, and earned his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science (2016) from the University of Dayton. He earned his Doctor of Physical therapy (2019) from St. Catherine University. He completed his Orthopedic residency and earned his board specialty certification in Orthopedics in 2021.

Dr. David was introduced to physical therapy following his own knee injuries in middle school and high school playing Volleyball. His prior experience gives him an intimate understanding of the goals and drives patients to have to return to activities they love. His passion is being part of that journey, assisting others to achieve their potential, and be able to live their life to the fullest.

Outside of the clinic, David enjoys touring local breweries, going to the beach, and spending time with his two cats.

Our Approach and Treatments

We used the most modern and scientific backed treatment that you get back in motion.

An approach invented by our owner, Dr. Scott Gray. The premise behind everything focuses on pinpoint-ing  the original CAUSE of your injury, pain, or stiffness, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

We’ve Helped 1000’s of Patients Like You
at Our Estero, FL Office

Johnny Kolakowski

Business Professional

Randy Henderson

Former Mayor of Fort Myers

Carol Glavich

Hip Pain Patient

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