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Regardless of your goals, Back in Motion provides a wide range of services, such as physical therapy, pelvic health, personal training, sports training, and specialized golf performance programs.

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We recognize that selecting the right clinic is a crucial decision because your health is of utmost importance. Discover why countless individuals are opting for Back in Motion, and ensure you steer clear of these seven common mistakes frequently observed among clients.


We maintain four conveniently located facilities in Southwest Florida to assist you in reaching your goals.

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What We Do

What We Do

A comprehensive program designed to empower you on your journey to optimal wellness, with expert guidance and personalized exercises tailored to your unique needs. Rediscover your strength, mobility, and confidence, and embrace a pain-free lifestyle with our transformative physical therapy services.

Experience renewed vitality and comfort with our specialized pelvic floor therapy in Fort Myers, carefully crafted to address various conditions affecting both men and women. Our compassionate team of experts will guide you through targeted therapies and exercises, empowering you to regain control, enhance your well-being, and live life to the fullest.

Our certified trainers will provide tailored workouts, expert guidance, and unwavering support to help you sculpt your body, boost your strength, and enhance your overall well-being. Transform your fitness journey and embrace a healthier, stronger, and more confident lifestyle with our Fort Myers personal training program.

Elevate your performance and dominate your game with our athletic performance training program. Led by experienced coaches and utilizing cutting-edge techniques, our comprehensive training regimen will enhance your athleticism, sharpen your skills, and unlock your true potential. Take your performance to the next level and conquer the competition with our dynamic sports performance program in Fort Myers.

Experience a game-changing transformation on the golf course with our elite golf performance program. Designed by golf experts, our comprehensive training regimen combines advanced techniques, personalized coaching, and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your swing, precision, and overall performance. Elevate your golfing skills, unlock your full potential, and leave your competitors in awe with our unrivaled golf performance program.

About Back In Motion Physical Therapy & Performance

Dr. Scott Gray founded Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Performance with a vision to revolutionize the way patients are treated by addressing the underlying causes of pain and health issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms.

Disillusioned by the band-aid approach of mainstream medicine, he sought a superior alternative to pills, injections, and surgeries. Introducing the Gray Method, his innovative approach to musculoskeletal disorders, which integrates fitness and performance training, recognizing the pivotal role of movement and exercise in achieving holistic health and well-being.

They have 4 locations in the SWFL area, where they offer physical therapy in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, & the Verandah Club. Back in Motion has helped over 5,000 clients and patients get “Back in Motion”.

Why Choose Back In Motion?

“We Fix the Cause & Not the Symptom”

  • Full body approach to health, performance and wellness

  • You’re tired of taking the drugs that make you feel groggy or nauseous, AND they only provide temporary relief.

  • Your pain keeps coming back for no rhyme or reason

  • You’ve been told that pain is just a part of life. Keep taking the prescriptions.

  • You looked for help online, but the exercises you found didn't help…or even worsened the pain!

  • You tried other treatments like massage, but it didn't help. You wasted money and time.

  • You thought resting would make the pain disappear, but it didn't.

  • You want to get to the ROOT cause

Get a Copy of Dr. Scott’s Book

Unlock the secrets to lasting pain relief and optimal health with a complimentary copy of Dr. Scott Gray's acclaimed book, “Fixing the Cause & Not the Symptoms.” Explore the groundbreaking Gray Method™ and discover how it can help you regain your mobility and vitality.

Inside, you'll learn:

  • Gain valuable insights into the root causes of your pain and discover effective strategies to address them
  • Avoid common mistakes made by patients and ensure a complete recovery
  • Regain control of your life, even when others have told you that nothing can be done
  • Learn more about our approach the Gray Method to address the most common MSK disorders.

The Conditions Our Fort Myers Physical Clinic Treats

We provide expert care for a wide range of conditions, ensuring you can regain control over your life. Whether you've recently undergone surgery, are facing unexplained discomfort in your body, or are dealing with degenerative conditions like arthritis, we're here to help.

Is Pain Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Persistent pain can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being, making everyday life a challenge. It limits your ability to engage in activities, maintain your strength, or stay active, leaving you drained and possibly affecting your mood.

You might initially think it's a minor issue that will resolve itself. Perhaps you attribute it to an awkward sleeping position, a minor exercise mishap, or dismiss it as an age-related occurrence.

Despite your attempts to shake it off, the pain lingers, showing no signs of letting up.

If you find this scenario all too familiar and pain is taking a toll on your life, know that you're not alone.

At our physical therapy clinics, we frequently encounter and successfully address cases of persistent pain, helping you regain your quality of life and getting back to being active.


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Former Mayor of Fort Myers

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Pickleball Player

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Dry Needling/Shoulder Pain

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