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Attention Verandah Members: New Physical Therapy Clinic Is Now Open Inside of the Verandah Fitness Center 

Discover How You Can Overcome Your Pain, Stiffness, or Injury Inside of the Verandah Fitness Center....

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The Conditions We Treat... 

Back Pain & Sciatica

Our non-invasive and pain-free techniques help realign your spine, alleviate back pain, and help you get back to life, fast!

Neck Pain & Stiffness

Neck pain may contribute to a whole range of health problems that may seem unrelated -- we find the source and the solution.

Orthopedics & Sport 

Whether you have had surgery or you're suffering from a leisure injury, we can help you make a full recovery quickly.

Muscle & Joint Pain

Don't accept that getting older is part of having pain or stiffness. We can help you stay in motion with natural treatments.

Here's What the Verandah Members Are Saying...

Steve Truta, Verandah Member

Dr. Sharon is extremely professional, dedicated to her patients and very knowledgeable about identifying and correcting patient's problems. I have told many of my friend to contact your office to arrange an appointment and will continue to do so.

Maggie Kennedy, Verandah Member

I have been diagnosed with advanced arthritis in both knees. The past two years I have been to a pain clinic, diet, supplements, and cortizone shots. I have had four sessions with Dr. Sharon and I can tell a HUGE difference in my mobility, pain, and posture. She is fantastic. I highly recommend her

Why Choose Us

If you have not talked or been treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy before & you're suffering with any type of pain or soreness, it may be time to call Back In motion Sport & spine Physical Therapy.

We provide all-natural treatments and advise to help you get back to your active lifestyle without surgery, resting, or dangerous medications. 

At Back In Motion, you'll always see a Doctor of Physical Therapy and get to the root cause of your pain or stiffness rather than just treating of your symptoms.

  •  Safe, gentile and effective methods.
  •  We fix the cause of your injury, not just your symptoms
  • ​Tailored to suit your body and condition.
  • ​State of the art equipment and facility.
  • ​Friendly staff

Meet Dr. Sharon Sims the Verandah's Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr Sharon Sims

Dr. Sharon Sims is one of SWFL's leading Doctors of Physical Therapy. She has over 30 years of clinical experience helping patients recover from surgery or get back to  their active lifestyle without surgery, resting, or painkillers. 

She is an orthopedic manual physical therapist, a golf swing specialist through the Titelist Performance Institute (TPI), and is currently working towards becoming certified as a  certified Gray Method Practioner after owner Dr. Scott Gray of Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. 

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