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A Physical Therapy clinic in Fort Myers, FL dedicated to improving quality of life using safe, gentle and effective methods, tailored to suite the individual. See our tailored Physical Therapy solutions below...

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neck pain treatment

Back & Neck Pain

We can pinpoint the true cause of your pain--- often in less than 20 minutes--- so you finally have concrete answers about the source of your neck or back pain.

Our sports medicine doctors in Fort Myers. FL get to the root cause of sports injuries

Sports Medicine

Coming back from a sports-related injury is a mental and physical challenge. Discover how to get you or your athlete back in motion safely & quickly, while you get peace of mind.

Pelvic pain treatment

Woman's Health

Discover how a thing called pelvic floor physical therapy can help you with some of the most personal matters such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and so much more!


Body aches & pain in general can make day-to-day activities incredibly uncomfortable. Our team can help you with all types of orthopedic pain & injuries.

We Use The Latest

Advanced techniques & interventions

Gait & Posture Analysis

Examining your posture allows us to see the shape of your spine and highlights problematic areas that may be affecting your overall health and wellbeing. Our assessment technology enables us to compare results after care.

Manual therapy & spinal manipulation

Manual therapy is a term used to describe "hands-on care" including myofascial release, spinal mobilization, massage, and manipulation, which enables us to help you heal faster. Whether you've just had surgery or an injury, manual therapy will allow us to loosen up your stiff joints and muscles and realign your back or neck.

Functional Exercise

Whether you need more strength or more mobility, our specialty trained Doctors can prescribe specific exercise to help you achieve your health and fitness goals .

The Story Of

Dr. Scott Gray

Dr. Scott Gray, just like you, suffered with back pain and an array of orthopedic and sport injuries. He couldn't do the little things in life such as bend, walk, or even play his favorite sport, football. 

Since this time he's made it his personal mission to help active adults and athlete return to their normal selves without the use of painkillers, surgery, or resting. 


If you have not talked with a physical therapist before and you are experiencing any type of pain, soreness, or other health related issue, it may be time to call Dr. Scott Gray.

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