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Want To Consistently Hit Your Drives Longer, Straighter, & Pain-Free...?

Want To Consistently Hit Your Drives Longer, Straighter, & Pain-Free...?

Ready to SLAM the ball down the fairway past your friends? Call 855-990-2794 To schedule your FREE Golf Consultation Today! 

Dr. James Porco

TPI Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy

While pursuing his doctorate, Dr. Porco used this time to specialize in other areas of interest by earning his Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical certification to gain a knowledge of golf biomechanics to increase golf performance, reduce injury & aide in sport specific rehab.

Dr. James is also currently taking his course work to become a certified Gray Method Practitioner ().

Dr. James Porco is one of SWFL best physical therapists.

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Why choose us?

We all know the pros rely heavily upon their swing coaches. That's why our fully-computerized swing analysis system is so important.

Our system will quickly pinpoint the weakest part of your swing...

Is it club head speed?

Is it your grip?

Is your swing plane off?

Do you lack rotation and where?

Let's work together to find out!

Our system collects hundreds of data points and presents them to our TPI Certified coaches in an easy understand manner.

Leaner, fitter players are using the latest workout techniques and computer technology to improve feedback and pinpoint trouble spots faster than ever before.

Something as simple as identifying the weak link in your mobility or an imbalance in your muscular system can produce a significant improvement/.

Today's players - amateurs and pros alike - also use physical preparation to ward off an injury that could threaten their participation in the sport they love.

This is especially important for older players or those with existing injuries.

Along with everything above, you will have the confidence knowing your program is overseen by a TPI Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, specifically trained to help golfers like you. 

The first program of its kind!

Ready To Slam The Golf Ball Down The Fairway Past Your Friends?

Ready To Slam The Golf Ball Down The Fairway Past Your Friends?

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