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Meet the Amazon best selling author

Dr. Scott Gray is SWFL's leading expert in the conservative management of orthopedic, sport, and spine injuries. The premised o

He is the inventor of a revolutionary form of treatment called the Gray Method (TM). The premise of Dr. Scott's treatment is that it assesses the entire body and fixes the cause and not the symptoms.

Dr. Scott Gray

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I suffered with lower back pain for year and just fixing the way I sat, which is outlined in this book, helped me!

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Christopher Smith

Architect- Fort Myers, FL

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I had chronic hamstring issues as a tennis player. This book and Dr.Gray helped me get my life back

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Deborah Jackson

Tennis Player- Fort Myers, FL

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.This book shows you a natural way to healing injuries and pain without surgery or drugs.

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The Ultimate Book - Fixing the Cause & Not Just the Symptoms

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Dr. Scott Gray's best selling book on amazon shows how manual physical therapy can help patients



Why the Current Medical Model is Broken 

Are you frustrated with the current medical model? Are you tired of test-after-test? Take a pill for this? Just rest more?  If you answered, "YES", to any of these questions then you'll love this introductory chapter.


The Real Reason Why You're In Pain

Are you in pain or hurt and not sure why? In this chapter you'll learn the three main key areas of the body that cause dysfunction and pain.


Understanding Functional Anatomy 

Understand how your body was made to move and function. Learn how your muscle and bones should work in unison and not seperate from one another.


How You Can Get Better, Even If You've Tried Other Treatments in the Past

. In this chapter, Dr. Gray explains that you probably haven't had the right treatments and that you can get better once you get the right treatment.

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