Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, physical therapy can help relieve achy and arthritic joints. In fact, physical therapy is often the best form of treatment to help reduce or prevent arthritis-related pains from getting worse. In some cases, though, it cannot be cured 100%.


Not really, if you consider the alternative. It is much safer and less expensive than invasive tests such as MRIs, or surgery, or becoming addicted to painkillers. Nor can you put a price tag on your health and the quality of life you want to live.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to assign a generalized cost because each patient is different and will need different treatments and number of visits. For this reason, call us for your free examination consultation so we can discern your situation and what is the option for you.

If we can get you back to walking with your loved one, playing golf again, or back to work so you can make a decent living – and if we can avoid surgery or reliance on painkillers to get you through the day – then physical therapy is worth every dollar spent, right? And if you are an athlete who is missing practice sessions and games, you are missing out on playing the sport you love and interacting with your teammates.

Only you can decide what that is worth – both in terms of pain and absence. And consider this: if you are a professional athlete who is injured in a contract negotiation year, you will lose your negotiating leverage if you can’t play.

Anyone who expects miracles to happen, have their pains abolished overnight, and doesn’t follow instructions from their Specialty Trained Physical Therapist.

Due to our “teach them and release them” approach to treatment, we can usually squeeze in a new patient the same week that they call – and sometimes, that same day. Call our office at (239) 223-0484 to check availability.

Believe it or not, you are not alone! We see many people with the same injuries each and every day. Most of our patients suffer from the same common injuries whether they are athletes, active weekend warriors, or individuals over the age of 40 who suffer from general stiffness, pain, and weakness.

Physical therapists look for a cause as well as an appropriate solution for the patient. Although I can’t speak for most chiropractors, many often perform manipulations that offer temporary relief without addressing the underlying problem – causing the patient to return time and again for treatment of the same injury.

Although chiropractors and physical therapists both perform very similar hands-on techniques, such as manipulation of the spine, physical therapists also extend treatments to include stretching, strengthening, posture education and retraining, and massage.

The better chiropractors will actually refer some of their patients to physical therapists when appropriate because we have specialized knowledge of more effective treatments beyond simple spinal manipulation.

Massage therapists perform treatments to muscles – which has value. However, many massage therapists are not schooled in which muscles need to be released. Rather, a shotgun approach is frequently taken in working the entire body.

Many times, muscles do not need to be massaged as much as they need to be strengthened – or there may be a more complex issue at the root of joint stiffness. Working the muscles in these cases will not help the patient and wastes time and money.

I once had a patient who was visiting a massage therapist for treatment of lower back pain and was led to believe that his muscles were tight. I quickly realized after doing an examination on this patient that I could not help and referred him to his physician at once. I suspected cancer, and unfortunately, I was correct. :-(

Massage therapists simply do not have the medical knowledge necessary to make a proper causative diagnosis.

Absolutely. Call our office at (239) 223-0484 or email me at info@backinmotionsspt.comcom.

If your problem consists of aches and pains in the following areas of the body, then physical therapy is highly likely to be beneficial to you:

  • Back
  • Neck and shoulder
  • Hip and knee
  • Foot and ankle
  • Sports and athletic injuries
  • Pelvic floor and health issues

You should try to wear clothing that you can move around in; as if you were going for a walk on the beach or to exercise. Typically, most patients will bring a pair of shorts and shoes to change into but we also have suitable exercise attire at the clinic for those times our patients forget their therapy gear.

According to Dr. Google, physical therapy is, “the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery.”

According to your EXPERT physical therapists, Physical Therapy is a proven strategy for first easing the worries and concerns of people suffering from muscle, nerve, and joint (bone) issues which prevents them from staying active, living pain-free, enjoying hobbies such as golf and long walks with their spouse, or for athletes recovering from injury.

The common symptoms and pains that most patients have are:

  • Muscle and joint aches
  • Pain and stiffness
  • Difficulty bending, squatting, lifting, twisting, or walking
  • Living a lifestyle dictated by and in accommodation to their pains
  • Muscle weakness and tightness
  • Pain during active activities, exercising
  • Pain during or due to sports and athletic injuries

Most patients will start to feel better in as little as two weeks. Of course, all patients are different. While some individuals will feel immediate relief after just one or two treatment sessions, others may take longer.

As a general rule, the longer your condition has been present, or the more severe your condition is, the longer it may take for you to feel the benefits of therapy.

No. Just call and schedule your appointment! In the state of Florida, physician referrals are not required for Physical Therapy services.

The truth of the matter is this: the best physical therapists usually work in private practices because they can deliver individualized care specific to YOU, the patient. In most hospitals and larger healthcare facilities, many patients get the same exercise and treatments, regardless of their condition.

This results in more visits (20 to 30 or more) with higher co-pays, which can average about $60 per visit. Alternatively, you could see an EXPERT physical therapist and be done with as little as 10 visits.

As hospital systems continue to morph into behemoth one-stop healthcare entities, they tend to lose individualized focus as they train their eyes on the bottom line – and quality of care and individual patient attention suffers as a result. As a small private practice, we MUST get patients better or we go out of business.