Not really, if you consider the alternative. It is much safer and less expensive than invasive tests such as MRIs, or surgery, or becoming addicted to painkillers. Nor can you put a price tag on your health and the quality of life you want to live.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to assign a generalized cost because each patient is different and will need different treatments and number of visits. For this reason, call us for your free examination consultation so we can discern your situation and what is the option for you.

If we can get you back to walking with your loved one, playing golf again, or back to work so you can make a decent living – and if we can avoid surgery or reliance on painkillers to get you through the day – then physical therapy is worth every dollar spent, right? And if you are an athlete who is missing practice sessions and games, you are missing out on playing the sport you love and interacting with your teammates.

Only you can decide what that is worth – both in terms of pain and absence. And consider this: if you are a professional athlete who is injured in a contract negotiation year, you will lose your negotiating leverage if you can’t play.