You can expect to have a treatment that is safe and effective in healing your neck condition.

Most patients meet with their neck physical therapist at least once a week for several weeks. This allows your neck physical therapist to monitor your progress, add or modify treatments, and continue to provide you with certain treatments (such as manual therapy) that you cannot perform at home.

Neck physical therapy requires your participation as well. Your neck physical therapist will probably give you neck strengthening, stretching, and mobility exercises to perform at home before the next appointment.

You may also be asked to make certain lifestyle changes such as practicing good posture and wearing proper footwear.

Depending on your condition and the severity, you might start to feel better immediately, or it might take at least a few weeks to start feeling better. Either way, it is important to continue the full course of your physical therapy program to ensure that your neck condition fully heals and won’t return.