There are many hip conditions that have similar symptoms but require totally different treatments.

So, how will your hip physical therapist distinguish which hip condition you have if it has similar symptoms as another condition?

Your hip physical therapist will know exactly which questions to ask and which tests to perform to give you an accurate diagnosis. These questions and tests will also reveal the underlying cause of your hip problem.

Here are some of the questions and tests that you can expect during your first physical therapy appointment:

#1 Initial questions

You will answer some initial questions about your hip pain. It will help to bring notes about your symptoms, which treatments you’ve tried, and what makes your pain better or worse.

#2 Initial testing

Your hip physical therapist will combine your answers to the questions with specific testing to make an accurate diagnosis. Your physical therapist will guide you through initial testing such as:

  • Function Testing
  • Muscular Strength Testing
  • Range of Motion Testing