The Most Common Sports Injury Of All…

If your an athlete and have rolled your ankle before you know the feelings of an ankle sprain. An ankle sprain is one of the most common sport injuries in all of athletics. In this post we’ll describe what an ankle sprain actually is, the symptoms, why they occurs, and what you can do for one of the most common sports injuries.

What Is An Ankle Sprain?

There are multiple ways of spraining your ankle. The most common way is rolling your ankle outward. This is called an inversion ankle sprain. An ankle sprain is when the ligaments of the ankle become stretched out or damaged. The end result is usually pain and stiffness.

The Symptoms of An Ankle Sprain…

The symptoms of an ankle sprain can vary. However, there is typically a few things that are common with an ankle sprain… the most common sports injury.


Immediately after an ankle injury swelling will take place. This can be present for weeks.


One of the next symptoms seen after a few days is bruising.


Pain can be present for months with a severe ankle sprain and usually one of the first symptoms.


As you progress and heal, your ankle will become stiff. It will be hard to turn your foot outward, inward, and up.

5.The One Thing You Want To Rule Out....

Although ankles sprains are common, you want to make sure there is no ankle fracture. Ankle fractures can sometimes replicate an ankle sprain. However, if you are able to put weight on it and take a few steps you probably didn't break anything. Common practice would be to get an x-ray to ensure.

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But Why Do Ankle Sprains Occur?

Now that you the symptoms of an ankle injury, your probably wondering why they occurs in the first place. The reason why they occurs is.... Multifactoral.  However, we will lay out the most common reasons below:

1.Lack of Ankle Flexibility

One of the most common reasons for an ankle sprain is lack of ankle flexibility. Ankle dorsiflexion is the most common motion limited. This is   your ankle moves forward and  is very important for all athletes. When the ankle becomes limited, the foot only has one option, to roll outward. The end result being an ankle sprain.

2.High Arched Foot

One of the many other reasons why some people frequently sprain their ankles is because of their foot anatomy. This is especially true in those that have a supinated foot. A supinated foot or high arched individual tends to place all their weight on the outside part of their foot. This perpetuates rolling your ankle. An orthotic may help these types of individuals.

3.Limited Strength & Proprioception

Last but not least, limited strength at your hip and muscles on the outside part of your leg, the peroneals can cause an injury. Not to mention, limited proprioception. This term means lack of balance and stability.

What You Can Do For Your Sports Injury...

1.RICE Principles

There are several remedies that you can apply for your ankle. Usually following RICE principles initially is best practice. This means to rest, ice, compression, and elevating your injury.

2.See A Sports Physio

Seeing a sports physio may be the best thing you can do for your ankle sprain. Sure, it may heal on its own. However, this takes more time. Plus, after your injury you'll want to restore the strength and mobility in your ankle so it doesn't happen ever again. To learn how we can assist you in this process you can schedule an appointment by going here.

3.One More Thing You Can Do....

If your not quite ready to seek expert help you can claim one of our free reports on the most common sports injuries. In this free and special report we offer a step-by-step guide to overcoming an ankle sprain. You can get it by clicking here.


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