Introduction To Common Issues With Back Pain

Many people are affected by back pain. In fact, experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives. The older we get, the more back pain is experienced because our bodies are prone to wear and tear through time, thus it cannot help but degenerate. Water and protein content in the cartilages eventually decrease, making the cartilage in between the vertebrae more fragile. People who work are forced to take days off to rest or see a doctor. Aside from the daily discomfort, back pain can be exhausting and even incapacitating. However, just because your spine may change as we age doesn’t mean that is causing your pain or that you have to suffer…

“Experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives”

Is Your Occupation Causing You Back Pain?

Often the type of occupation that a person has should not be overlooked, as it may be a possible cause of pain due to repetitive positions and postures. For instance, if you sit for prolonged periods it may predispose you to discomfort or back injury. Does your work require lifting heavy loads? If so, you may be more prone to back pain as well, too.

The most common causes of back pain aren’t as scary as many make it out to believe. In fact, many time it is something simple such as the way you are lifting a weight from the floor, standing incorrectly, or sitting too much.  But pain can also be due to problems with internal organs including the heart, the skin, and tumors in various parts of the body. There could be congenital reasons as well.

The Anatomy Of the Back

The back comprises of muscles, tendons, spinal discs, bones and other elaborate structures that work together to enable the body to support itself when it is in motion. The spine is cushioned by fibrocartilage, called your discs. The degeneration of the disc is called spondylosis. Spondylosis reduces the space between vertebrae, predisposing the spine to lumbar pain such as facet joint arthritis and spinal stenosis.

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Leading Causes of Back Pain

1.Muscle or ligament strain from over work

2.Tension due to poor posture

3.Structural Damage on the spinal disks due to ageing, such as:

  • Ruptured Discs that often is a form of nerve pain
  • Bulging Disks that is similar to pinched nerves
  • Sciatica which is pain that radiates from the buttocks to the back of the leg resulting from pressure on a nerve
  • Arthritis of the spine secondary to trauma and thinning of the vertebral discs
  • Spinal stenosis due to narrowing of the spinal canal which compresses the spinal nerves
  • Abnormally curved spine casued by scoliosis where the spine curves on either side
  • Kidney infenction, stones, and prostate problems can cause pain that radiates to the lower back

4. Fracture in the spine because of improper lifting of weights

5. Spinal fracture from lifting something that is to heavy

6. Fracture from sudden or misaligned shift or movement such as:

  • twisting
  • sneezing
  • muscle tension
  • coughing
  • excessive stretching
  • awkward bending for long periods
  • prolonged standing and sitting
  • poor posture when using a computer or cellphone
  • long non-stop driving
  • poor-shaped mattress

7. Pregnancy and Ovarian problems can cause back pain too as it can cause pressure on the lumbar region because of the growing infant and its natural movements inside the womb. Fortunately, this pain goes away after delivery.


Back pain is treated by focusing on the specific reason that causes it. For mild or acute pains, many home remedies are available. For instance, if you have spinal arthritis or facet joint irritation, placing intermittent heat on certain portions of the back and performing some light exercise may be enough to heal your back. In contrast, more serious conditions such as spinal stenosis or a disc herniation may involve traction to spine, specific exercises, and patient education. Regardless of the condition, most lower back pain conditions can be treated conservatively.

Although these are all viable options to manage back pain, seeing an expert in the spine may be of benefit. To see all the different ways we can help assist your back pain be sure to check out the conditions we treat and how we help patients suffering with back pain by clicking here.


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