Are you clear on the difference between a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Chiropractor?

Are you clear on the difference between a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Chiropractor?

This is what you need to know…

If you’re in pain because of a chronic condition or recent injury, you need a solution as soon as possible.

Spending days, weeks or even years in pain is simply not an option.

The problem is, you may be unsure which health professional to turn to.

What about going to a chiropractor?


They may be able to help but they really only offer one form of treatment.

Before you make that decision, we’d like to address several major points of confusion…

  • Chiropractors perform one service. They attempt to adjust the alignment of your spine using “spinal manipulation”.
  • Therefore, if your pain isn’t caused by some sort of back or neck alignment issue, then by definition, chiropractic treatment won’t help.
  • If the source of your pain IS is coming from your neck or back, you need to treat the ROOT CAUSE of that pain.
  • The cause of your pain could be nerve impingement, scar tissue, muscle spasms, tissue damage, muscle weakness or imbalances, etc.
  • Determining the root cause of your pain is not done through spinal manipulation.
  • Finally—and this is important to understand—there is no research evidence to prove that if your spine is out of alignment, that spinal manipulation can resolve that problem.

Here’s How A Doctor of Physical Therapy Can Help…

Here’s How A Doctor of Physical Therapy Can Help…

The next logical choice would be seeing a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy can perform the spinal manipulation treatment you’d receive from a chiropractor but in a safer setting.

But the treatment options don’t stop there…


  1. Flexibility & Strengthening Exercises
    Knowing which muscle groups need to be lengthened and which need to be strengthened is an exact science…one we have studied for years and incorporated into The Gray Method.
  2. Spinal & Joint Manipulation
    Again, we don’t stop at spinal manipulation. Joints become out of alignment for any number of reasons. This makes manual manipulation of non-spinal joints a common requirement.
  3. Myofascial Release
    This advanced treatment can break down adhesions that can develop between muscles that normally flow smoothly past one another. Additionally, injuries cause scar tissue that must be manually treated for normal movement to occur.
  4. Functional Stretching & Exercise
    There’s stretching and exercise like the kind you might do in a gym and then there’s the type of stretching and exercise you use in everyday life. This is called “functional” movement. As the name implies, incorporating functional stretching and exercise allows you to return to a pain-free life quickly and safely.

How does having these additional treatment options impact you?

Here’s an example…

Imagine you need some repairs done on your home.

A storm hurled a branch through your living room window and another storm is forecast to hit within days…

You NEED this work done quickly and correctly…

You hire someone to come do the work and they rush right over…

But when he arrives, he’s only carrying a screwdriver.

No saw.

No hammer.

No replacement glass.


Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

At this point, how certain are you that the repairs will be done correctly and on time?

Obviously, medical issues are far more complex than a damaged window, so if you’re not even sure about the true source of your pain, wouldn’t it make sense to have a variety of options available?

You can’t afford to wait…

Your pain is interfering with virtually every aspect of your life…

…your sleep…

…your social life…

…your ability to move around freely…

…and even your happiness.

This is clearly not a time for guesswork or experimentation.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


I’m Dr. Scott Gray.

I’m the owner and founder of the region’s premier physical therapy treatment center, Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy.  I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the creator of a revolutionary form of treatment called “The Gray Method” TM.

As a former Division 1 athlete whose career was cut short by injury, I know first-hand what it’s like to not feel “normal” and how frustrating it can be to try to find a permanent solution to your pain.

I’ve spent years helping hundreds of Southern Florida residents return to a pain-free life, permanently using appropriate testing and employing the most modern and proven treatment tools available.

I chose my path knowing the skills and treatment protocols a Doctor of Physical Therapy has at their fingertips are second to none.

If you’ve had multiple tests while trying to pinpoint your condition…

If you’ve seen two or more specialists for the same reason…

If you’re frustrated because you’re right back where you started, with no pain relief insight, we can help.

Together we can get you off the “pain treadmill”.

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“Experimenting with your pain relief options is NOT a viable game plan”

Through our assessment, we’ll determine the exact source of your pain and put a plan together to keep you pain-free, permanently.

This means your course of treatment with us should last only as long as your pain does.

This presents a direct contradiction to standard chiropractic treatment that encourages you to return for regular adjustments, sometimes on a lifetime basis.

This pattern lies outside medical standards of practice and may explain why many insurance companies do not acknowledge chiropractic care as a part of their coverage service offering.

Isn’t It Time You Started Your Journey Back To A Full, Active, and Pain-Free Lifestyle?

Isn’t It Time You Started Your Journey Back To A Full, Active, and Pain-Free Lifestyle?

Here’s how it works…

Our Process

  • You’ll call our office or fill out the simple form below.
  • We’ll answer your most pressing questions and concerns.
  • If we think we can help you, we’ll invite you to come to our clinic.
  • Once you’re at the clinic, we’ll take you through a physical examination to determine the best plan to get you pain-free and on your way to 100% function!
  • We’ll diagnose your condition without MRI’s, X-RAYS, or a plethora of expensive tests, but will consider the findings of your tests that you’ve already done.
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Our Difference

  • We DON’T stop at the surface!  We address the underlying cause(s) of your pain, stiffness, or injury. Is your posture causing your pain? Is it a weakness? Stiffness? Are you compensating?
  • We stimulate the body to heal itself through movement, hands-on care, and patient education…all tailored to your needs.
  • We make sure that you return to your “normal” life as quickly and SAFELY possible.

NOTE: You have no obligation after getting in contact with us.

We understand you’re searching for the best and quickest way to relieve your pain.

And you’re doing your research, which is great!

As medical professionals, it is our obligation to provide clarification regarding the powerful difference between seeing a Doctor of Physical Therapy and receiving chiropractic care.

We hope we’ve done that…

And we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.

P.S. You’re at the crossroads, but you need to make a decision…

If you’re confused about how a Doctor of Physical Therapy differs from chiropractic care, and what your course of action should be, you must give us a call.

Remember, there’s no obligation for this consultation. 

Why not gather all available details before moving forward?  

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