Athletic & Sport Injuries

Why You Should Choose Back In Motion Physical Therapy

Living your life with pain and some type of limiting condition can affect every aspect of your life. No matter how small or severe the condition is, it is going to be a constant nudge on your wellbeing and a block to living your life to the fullest.  Think about this, you want to stand up and catch a good glance of your child performing on stage, but your back pain is not letting you do that. Or... that competitive running used to be your passion but is now just a dream because the pain in your legs won't [...]

A Definitive Guide to Sports Physical Therapy

Overview of Sports Physical Therapy: When it comes to getting sports-related injury treatment,  sports physical therapy has been shown to be one of the best treatments. It helps patients with a sports-related injury restore return to their sport or activity safely. The process of regaining strength & function can be short or long depending on your sports injury, but fortunately, with sports physical therapy athletes can be restored to their full health. Sports Injury Conditions Physical Therapists Treat: Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are painful and can limit the motion. In addition, it can prevent a person from enjoying normal [...]

3 Simple Ways to Swing the Golf Club More Efficiently or Pain Free

Introduction to Swinging the Golf Club More Efficiently: As a golfer we all want to improve our game in some form or fashion whether that be to increase our driving distance, putt more effectively, or even just swing pain free. Whatever the goal, there are three things any golfer can do to do just that. These three things are to improve your trunk rotation and hip mobility, and increase your functional strength. When all three of these components are trained or worked upon, many golfers will quickly notice how much better their golf game has improved, but also [...]

  • A sports injury can be detrimental to your career. See a sports medicine specialist

Why Seeing A Sports Medicine Specialist Is Important To Your Career

At times, we have seen our favorite heroes falling from grace, not because of their own doing, but rather by star-crossed circumstances. Remember Grant Hill? The famous basketball player who used to play for the Detroit Pistons was plagued by nagging ankle injuries for the better part of four years and since then he never recovered again. Guys like Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway and Tracy McGrady would have been definitely the Hall of Famers if sports injuries did not get the best of them. Injuries are common among athletes, and sometimes they are so severe that they derail an athlete’s [...]

  • Treatments for sports injuries consists of stretching, strengthening, and manual physical therapy

Treatments For Sports Injuries

Introduction to Treatment For Sports Injuries What do you think is the quickest way that sidelines a good player? Well, it is sports injuries. Sports injuries refer to the kinds of injuries that occur while playing sports. Sports injuries are really agonizing and no matter which sport you play, the treatment and time required to recover from an injury can vary depending on the severity of the sports injury. It largely depends on if the injury an acute or a chronic concern. If a sports injury is causing you severe pain, numbness, swelling, if you cannot put weight on [...]

3 Common Mistakes That Cause Athlete’s Injuries

According to Youth Sports Statistics, 66% of boys and 52% of girls between 5-18 years of age play organized sports. But statistically speaking, there is bound to be an injury somewhere down the line. Injuries are basically star-crossed risks that come with playing sports. After an athlete suffers an injury, usually they don’t nurse their injuries properly which causes a delayed or incomplete recovery and more time on the sidelines. This might be due to the athlete not knowing what to do, or getting a bad medical advice or treatment. Some of the injuries are just going to happen, [...]

  • Lower Back Pain Sports Injury

A Growing Concern: Avoiding Sports Injuries

Each year more and more people engage in sports and recreational activities in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, as the number of people biking, hiking, and playing sports increases, so do the injuries. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, in 2016, more than eight million people had a sports related injury. Since more men play contact sports, twice as many men as women had sports related injuries. Another concerning statistic: children between the ages of five and 14 account for nearly 40% of all sports related injuries. It’s time to learn how to keep [...]

  • An ACL tear is one of the most common sports injuries

What Are the Most Common Sports Injuries?

Whether you are a highly-trained athlete or a weekend warrior, there is always a risk of injury. Unfortunately, when injuries like a lower back pain sports injury or ankle injuries in sports happen, it can be quite hard to figure out what part is really injured or how to treat it. Moreover, injuries can also happen when a person is not properly acclimatized to play the sport, like not warming up or stretching the muscles before playing. So do you want to know what to expect the next time you hit the court? Here is a countdown of the [...]

  • three secrets to treating a pulled hamstring include hands on care, rest, and light exercise

Three Secrets To Treating A Pulled Hamstring

Introduction To Hamstring Treatment Last week we wrote about three symptoms of a hamstring strain. You can access this content by clicking here. Meanwhile, in this post were going to disclose EXACTLY how to treat a pulled hamstring. Hamstring injuries can be quite painful and when not treated immediately, they can result in swelling and tenderness. You need some basic information on the treatment of pulled hamstring; this will help you avoid the stress that comes with the pain, swelling and tenderness of the injured area. With grades one and two of a pulled hamstring taking between three weeks [...]

  • There are three hamstring muscles. The symptoms of a hamstring strain include pain and swelling

Symptoms Of A Hamstring Strain

A hamstring strain is a common pain that strikes many athletes. At the back of your thigh, there are three muscles that run along from your buttock to the backs of your knees. A hamstring strain is the injury or tear of one or more of these muscles. It varies from a mild hamstring pull to a tear. This strain usually occurs at the base of the buttocks or in the middle part of the back thigh, right where the tendon joins the muscle. Some people have the hamstring strain symptoms way before the pain completely puts them down [...]

  • Golfers elbow is one of the most comm sports injuries of all

Common Sports Injuries- Golfer’s Elbow Part 5

 What is Golfer's Elbow? If you love to stay healthy and fit you probably have heard of this common sports injury- golfer's elbow.  Golfer's elbow is a tendon irritation on the inside of your arm.  It is usually worst with golfing, picking up objects, opening doors, or even writing with a pencil or pen. The correct medical term for golfer's elbow is medial epicondylitis. The medial epicondyle is a bony process on the inside of your elbow. Several elbow muscles attach on this bony protuberance and can produce pain when they are overworked or irritated. Here is a quick [...]

  • IT band friction syndrome is one of the most common sports injuries.

IT Band – Common Sports Injuries Part 4

Common Sports Injuries... IT Band Friction Syndrome One of the most common sports injuries of all is iliotibial band friction syndrome (IT Band). In this post, we'll disclose: The anatomy of the IT Band Symptoms of IT Band Why Physical Therapy For Knee Pain Can Help Why Sportsmed Physical Therapy Is Different.... The Anatomy of the IT Band The IT band is a long thick band that runs across the lateral part of your knee. It starts at your hip and runs just distal to your knee. Usually your symptoms are at the level of your knee. This band [...]

  • An ACL tear is one of the most common sports injuries

ACL Tear- Common Sports Injuries Part 3

The Dreaded ACL TEAR.... We have all heard of the dreaded ACL tear. Whether your a basketball player, football player, or even a volleyball player all athletes can be exposed to this knee injury.  Although surgery has helped many athletes, it's not a guarantee. Many athletes struggle regaining knee motion and strength which results in many lost years competing and potential ending of their career. In this post we'll cover the following:  What is an ACL Tear The Different Types of ACL Repair ACL Physical Therapy Or ACL Rehab ACL Surgery Recovery TimeLine Concluding Thoughts On ACL Tears What [...]

  • Plantar fasciitis is usually pain at the bottom and inside part of your foot.

Plantar Fasciitis- Common Sports Injuries Part 2

The Second Most Common Sports Injury... Plantar Fasciitis Do you have pain at the bottom of your foot when walking or running? Does it start out really painful and lessen as you move around? If so, you may be suffering from planar fasciitis. In this post, you'll learn exactly what plantar fasciitis is, its symptoms, how to prevent it from happening, and.... What you can do to find plantar fasciitis relief. What Exactly Is Plantar Fasciitis? The plantar fascia is a small tissue on the bottom of your foot. It encases all tendons and helps to distribute forces across [...]

  • Sport physical therapy helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts

What Is Sports Physical Therapy?

Everything You Want To Know About Sports Physical Therapy Are you suffering from an injury, ache, or pain as a fitness enthusiast or athlete? Does it prevent you from playing your best or even working out hard and living an active lifestyle?  You may benefit from sports physical therapy. In this post, we'll disclose why you need to see a sport physical therapist rather than one at your local hospital system, what a sport therapist can do, and where you can find one. What Is Sports Physical Therapy? Sports physical therapy deals with athletes and fitness enthusiasts that value [...]

  • Running injuries can stem from not having enough hip mobility.

How to Prevent Running Injuries (Part 3): Increasing Your Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility Exercises For Runners..... Over the last few weeks we have disclosed that your glutes to be strong and that your ankles need to be mobile to prevent running injuries.... If you've missed those posts you can check them out by going here. We've saved the best for last in this final tip series. That is- increasing the mobility of your hip to prevent running injuries. You may be asking why your hip needs more mobility when running? Glad you asked. Here's exactly why.... Why Your Hip Needs More Mobility to Run Pain Free? Over the last few [...]

  • Running injuries Fort Myers

How to Prevent Running Injuries (Part 1)

Introduction to Running Injuries Running injuries and ailments are common place in those that love to stay fit, active, and run. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily have to be this way.... Some injuries may not be preventable but a good majority of them can be prevented with a sound training program and applying some of the content within these next few posts. Over the next few blogs, were going to disclose 3 things that most runners can and should work on to prevent running injuries. The three things that most runners need to work on include: Strengthening your glutes Increase [...]

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