Athletic & Sport Injuries

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain While Pregnant

If you feel like you're falling apart when you're pregnant because of your back pain, it's probably because you technically are. No alarm, I will explain. I am Dr. Devyn, your local pelvic health physical therapist, here to teach you about back pain during pregnancy. So although back pain during pregnancy may seem normal because it's typical, it's definitely something that can be addressed and improved upon. And it should also be evaluated by a medical professional. It's not something that you should just try to fix on your own. In this post, I'll describe some common [...]

5 Ways to Save Your Bladder From Urinary Incontinence

Introduction to 5 Ways to Prevent Urinary Incontinence Are you tired of peeing your pants or being handicapped to the bathroom out in public? I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. Urinary incontinence is one of the most common complaints my patients see me for on a day-to-day basis. The truth is medications and wearing diapers will never address the real reason for having urinary incontinence. In this post, I'm going to explain five different tips for overcoming urinary incontinence once and for all so that you don't have to be handicapped to the bathroom [...]

5 Mistakes Women Make Before Pregnancy

Are you thinking of getting pregnant? Are you avoiding pregnancy and having kids because you're worried about leaking urine afterwards, any tears during your birthing experience? Well, that could be prevented. So I am Dr. Devyn Kangas. I'm a pelvic health physical therapist in Cape Coral, and I'm here to help. Tip #1: Not Maintaining Your Nutritional Needs There are five mistakes that people make before they decide to get pregnant, the first being not managing their nutritional needs before actually getting pregnant. So being pregnant is not the time that you should be [...]

2021 Wrap-Up: Our Most Helpful Articles For 2021

Another year has gone, and another begins! Happy new year everyone :) For this wrap-up, we have selected our most helpful and popular blog posts of 2021. Your one stop shop for living a pain-free life! Hopefully, you find some value and tactics to help you. Click the article titles to read each article. Don't forget to let us know what your favorite article was of 2020 in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you. Motion Is Lotion: Why Moving Your Body Is So Important Hi, everyone, Dr. James Porco here at Back [...]

Patient Case Study: How Susan Is Back To Playing Pickleball Competitively Again…

Gray Method™ Patient Case Study | 2021 | Back IN Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy LLC South Florida, and specifically Southwest Florida, is an area known for its active residents. Whether it is walking, weight lifting, tennis, golf, pickleball, or anything in between, the presence of a higher functioning population is felt. Sometimes, the “catch 22” of increased activity level is that aches and pains arise for one reason or another, which can sideline you from staying involved in activities that you love. What we provide at Back in Motion is finding the best option on how [...]

Can You Be Pain-Free Even if PT Has Failed You Before?

The short answer is yes, yes you can become pain-free, no matter your experiences in past treatments. That is what we are going to discuss today with you all.And here’s a hint for what’s to come, it’s not all your fault & there is definitely HOPE! Hi, I’m Dr. James Porco, Clinical Director and Physical Therapist here at Back In Motion in Fort Myers, Florida. We specialize in helping people get back to doing what they love to do, pain-free, without the need for surgery, painkillers, and other costly medical treatments or procedures. I wanted to discuss why and [...]

  • Kyphosis treatment fort myers

Reverse Your Hunchback! Causes, Preventions, And Treatments

Have you seen a round bump on your back while looking in the mirror? Afraid you may have or are developing a hunchback? These things often make you wish you had listened to grandma when she chastised you about your poor posture and not sitting or walking straight. Now, decades later, your back is wonky, and you don’t know what to do about it. Worry not! We have a lot of answers for you. With us, you will be ‘back to your old self in no time! We can show you exactly how to improve and reverse your hunchback! What [...]

Patient Case Study: How Tom Put An End To His Lower Back Pain

  If you live in Southwest Florida, you know how popular the sport of golf is to the area. From the youth athlete, to a group of businessmen closing a deal, to the retired couple picking up a new hobby together, golf is a game for everyone at every level. It can help relieve stress (or cause it after a bad round), keep you active, and it’s a great way to socialize with your friends. However, golf can be and often is a source of injury and pain. Many golfers have to take time off from playing or [...]

How to Improve Your Posture

Originally posted on December 3, 2019. Updated on September 2nd, 2021 ‘Sit up straighter’ – You might have heard your mom giving you this advice several times while sitting at the dinner table while you were a kid. Now you are no more a kid, but the lesson is still worth heeding. Most of us spend time all the day either sitting in front of a computer, slumping in front of TV, or hunching over the phone. Lack of activity and sedentary lifestyle has contributed to the rise of chronic or acute body pain. We notice bad postures only [...]

  • tension headache treatment

How The Gray Method™ Can Help With Headaches

Headaches are the absolute worst for any of us. They don’t let us say we’re sick and don’t let us function properly either. Many of us suffer from various kinds of headaches almost regularly and have in some ways just given up on treating them. But that’s not your only option here. You can treat the root cause of your pain and get pain relief. Are you thinking about meds? Wrong. While pills are effective to give you instant relief, they only treat the symptoms and not the cause. This means your headaches will continue to come back again [...]

  • bunion treatment fort myers

How The Gray Method™ Can Help With Bunions

Have you had surgery to remove your bunions only to have them grow back? Bunions can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Most bunions cannot be self-treated and require medical attention for long-term relief. However, the good news is that there are non-surgical options that can help you out. Most medical professionals will recommend surgery to remove painful bunions. The problem.... Surgery doesn't get to the root cause of your bunions and simply addresses the symptoms. And because of that, bunions will gradually return after removal. This article will cover the definition and symptoms of bunions, followed by how physical [...]

New Cape Coral Clinic Now Open!

On to Bigger and Better Things! We are thrilled to mention that we recently moved our Cape Coral physical therapy clinic to a new, larger facility so that we can meet the increasing demand from our clients! It is so exciting to be able to provide The Gray Method™ to more and more of our Southwest Florida neighbors and to help them overcome the most common musculoskeletal pains and injuries. Our new location features: More providers (we’ve got you covered!) More equipment (yes, we have what you need!) A bigger kamagra bestellen ideal gym (you’ll love the new surroundings!) [...]

  • 5 Things To Do In Fort Myers To Stay Active

Top 5 Things To Do In Lee County To Stay Active

There are many ways to enjoy Lee County's weather, and not all of them necessitate a trip to the beach, although that is a great way to spend a day as well. Here are some activities that improve your health and wellness while providing you enjoyment.   #1 Biking Bikes are entirely safe for people 50 plus. It's a low-impact and low-stress workout. Biking allows your body to move in fluid motions that do not place undue stress on it. You can cycle for many years without causing harm to your body. Weight gain is a significant concern, and [...]

  • hip bursitis causes, symptoms, and treatments

Hip Bursitis: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments | Back In Motion

If You Have Pain on the Outside of Your Hip When Walking or When Laying on Your Side, Chances Are You Have Hip Bursitis… In a recent hip pain forum, patients described their hip pain ordeals. Do any of these hip pain comments sound familiar to you? “I have hip bursitis and constant pain in my left hip and groin area. I can hardly sleep, walk, or bend. It only takes a few minutes of any activity for the pain to get worse.” - Male patient, age 45 “My hip pain from bursitis is constant throbbing. It feels like [...]

How Carol Eliminated Her Herniated Disc & Hip Pain

Hi, I'm Carol! I've been coming to Back In Motion for several months now. I originally started to come here and see Dr. Gray because I had bulging discs in my back. He worked with me for several months, which definitely helped the pain. But as time went on, I still had pain but it was mostly down my left side. Dr. Gray suggested had that checked out because he thought it was my hip, which at this point I didn't realize that I had a hip problem. So I went to have my hip [...]

How To Choose The Right Shoes For You

What do you look for when you go shoe shopping? The look? The style? The color? Or simply just the name of the brand? Well, here's some news for you! There is a lot that goes into orthotics that you need to consider before you choose your shoes! A lot of these considerations are beneficial in keeping your feet happy and healthy as you indulge in your favorite activities. What's more, custom orthotics can also help you prevent injuries and keep your entire body healthy at the same time! So, how do you choose the right shoe for yourself? Here [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Hip Physical Therapy

Are your hips hurting or stiff? Are home treatments and doctor visits not working for you? It’s time to consider hip physical therapy. Ditch the painkillers for a treatment that heals the hips permanently. Hip physical therapy is the safest and most successful way to fix most hip conditions, injuries, and cases of hip pain. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about hip physical therapy, including: Why other treatments fail Why hip physical therapy works Who a hip physical therapist is What you can expect from hip physical therapy How a hip physical therapist makes an accurate diagnosis [...]

  • Back In Motion's Treatments Fort Myers, FL Consists of Lower Back Pain Physical Therapy

Lower Back Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL – Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Get Rid of That Pesky Lower Back Pain for Good with Lower Back Pain Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL... Are you considering physical therapy to feel relief from your lower back pain? Physical therapy is often the best method of treatment for low back pain because it can pinpoint the cause of the pain to diminish the pain for good. Those who seek physical therapy as a treatment for low back pain are less likely to have reoccurring back pain or develop chronic pain than those who try other forms of treatment, according to a report from UC [...]

  • foot & ankle pain treatment

A Definitive Guide to Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL

Foot and ankle pain are some of the most common ailments our patients suffer from and seek treatment for at our clinic. The truth is most of these conditions and their associated pain are fully treatable without surgery, resting, or dangerous drugs. If you’ve recently experienced or struggled with ongoing foot or ankle pain, then continue to read below as we reveal/explain exactly how we treat 6 of the most common foot conditions by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Foot Condition #1: Bunions What are bunions? Most people think that a bunion (called hallux valgus) is just a bump [...]

A New Treatment for Arthritis – Blood Flow Restriction Training

If you have arthritis, you know how debilitating it can be. You dread those first agonizing steps and stiffness when you get out of bed each morning. Arthritis prevents many of us from enjoying simple pleasures like taking walks, gardening, bicycling, and playing with grandkids. What if you can eliminate the pain and stiffness of arthritis without dangerous drugs or surgery? A recent discovery and new treatment allow just that. It’s a relatively new therapy called Blood Flow Restriction or BFR. Another term for this technique is Personalized Blood Flow Restriction or PBFR. BFR therapy can help reduce pain [...]

  • pelvic floor physical therapy fort myers

How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life

Pelvic Floor problems can embarrass even the boldest of people. Pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, pain with intercourse, and postpartum conditions are issues that many people avoid talking about. The lack of public discussion about these issues can lead to people feeling stuck – unsure of how to enjoy intimacy again and avoid accidents from bladder or bowel leakage. We understand this dilemma, which is why we treat patients with pelvic floor physical therapy: a revolutionary treatment that helps patients eliminate their pelvic floor problems for good. Pelvic floor physical therapy is one of the safest treatments for [...]

  • post physical therapy personal training

The Biggest Mistake Patients Make Post Physical Therapy

The biggest mistake patients make post physical therapy rehab is not practicing the healthy habits we lay out below in this article. There can be nothing better than getting back on track after an injury with a good round of physical therapy rehab. You finally feel strong enough to take on physical tasks all by yourself without the help of your physical therapist! Congratulations! That's truly some great news. Unfortunately, even though you might be feeling at the top of the world right now with your renewed physical capabilities, you need to practice and inculcate certain habits to ensure that [...]

  • dry needling testimonial

How Dry Needling Helped Johnny Put An End to His Shoulder Pain

  Hi, my name is Johnny Kolakowski, and I'm here at Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical therapy. I'm here to tell you my story. You know as we all get older, we find out that we have this thing called rheumatism, arthritis, and I have it in a lot of my joints. I had my back fused back, let's see I'm 74, it was 12 years ago, and it was just full of arthritis. And my shoulders and my rotor cups were all just driving me bananas. I had rotor cuff surgery on my left shoulder. [...]

  • Discerning if you have spinal stenosis is important for the correct treatment

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain – Spinal Stenosis

What Is Spinal Stenosis? Spinal stenosis is a term used to describe a narrowing of your spinal canal. Between each vertebra (your spinal bones) you have foramen or holes where nerves leave the spinal canal to innervate your trunk and limbs. These nerves give you strength, proprioception, and sensation to your limbs. However, when the canal where the nerves become narrowed (stenotic), you can get pain down your legs or arms, loss of balance, and weakness in your extremities. What Causes Spinal Stenosis? The cause of spinal stenosis is multifactorial. However, there are two main reasons why your nerve [...]

  • personal training after rehab

7 Reasons Why You Need Personal Training After Rehab

Even Though Your Rehab May Be Coming to an End, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Exercising... Discover WHY You Should Continue With Our Safe & Effective Personal Training Program at Back In Motion You might be eager for things to get back to normal after your rehabilitation. However, the recovery process takes longer as we age. In addition to this, most people in their fifties or over have other concerns such as weight gain, menopause, mental health, slow metabolism, and other health issues. Keeping up with your family, career, and social life can become a daily struggle. Now [...]

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