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Everything You Need to Know About Lower Back Physical Therapy – Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Rid that pesky low back pain for good with a lower back pain physical therapy treatment that targets the source of the pain -- not just the symptoms Are you considering physical therapy to feel relief from your lower back pain? Physical therapy is often the best method of treatment for [...]

A Definitive Guide to Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL

Foot and ankle pain are some of the most common ailments our patients suffer from and seek treatment for at our clinic. The truth is most of these conditions and their associated pain are fully treatable without surgery, resting, or dangerous drugs. If you’ve recently experienced or struggled with ongoing foot [...]

How Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life

Pelvic Floor problems can embarrass even the boldest of people. Pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, pain with intercourse, and postpartum conditions are issues that many people avoid talking about. The lack of public discussion about these issues can lead to people feeling stuck – unsure of how to enjoy [...]