Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle Sprains Are Less of an “Accident” Than You’d Think.

Find Out The REAL Reason Behind Your Ankle Sprain & How We’ll Treat Your Sprain So That it NEVER Returns.

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Ankle Sprain Treatment in Fort Myers, FL

The REAL Cause of Your Ankle Sprain Isn’t What You Think It Is…

No, that root you tripped over was NOT the “root cause” of your ankle sprain.

An ankle sprain certainly seems like an accident that could have only been prevented by watching your step more closely.

But the fact is that taking a bad step and rolling your ankle does not have to equal a sprain.

There are actually some simple steps you can take to prevent an ankle-roll inducing stumble from simultaneously becoming a sprain.

There is also an easy treatment – but it is not what your doctor probably told you to do.

When You Have a Sprained Ankle, the Simplest Tasks Might Cause Pain and Frustration

You probably know all-too-well how difficult it is to perform certain tasks with an ankle sprain.

Even simple activities like walking or standing up can cause pain.

If your sprain is more severe, your ankle may give out when you are walking. Or worse – you may not have the ability to walk at all without the support of crutches and an ankle brace.

Maybe you’ve tried home treatments – maybe you’ve even seen your doctor – but it feels like the strain is NEVER going to go away.

A strain that is not treated correctly can quickly worsen. It’s likely that you’ll get more ankle sprains in the future unless you find the right treatment.

You just want to get back in motion without pain.

Here’s What’s Holding You Back

If you’re wondering why it’s taking so long to recover, or why you seem “prone” to getting ankle sprains again and again, you’re not alone…and it’s not your fault.

The problem is that traditional methods of treatment like rest and painkillers are not enough to fully heal the sprain and prevent future sprains from occurring.

You’ll find the right solution once you look BEYOND the root…or whatever made you stumble. Once you learn the REAL reason for your ankle sprain, you will learn how to treat it properly.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms and Causes

You might wonder what’s even going on when I sprain my ankle?

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligament that connects your leg and foot bones is overstretched and torn.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms

The most telltale sign is an awkward foot movement coupled with a rolled ankle and immediate pain. Other symptoms include:

  • An inability to bear weight on the affected ankle without pain and/or loss of stability
  • A lack of mobility (the ankle will feel stiff and lose its full range of motion)
  • Tender to the touch
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Your symptoms can range from mild to severe and can last a week to several weeks or more (depending on whether you get the proper treatment).

There are three grades of an ankle sprain:

  • Grade 1: (Mild) Microscopic tearing of the ligament. You may have a little bit of swelling, pain, and tenderness.
  • Grade 2: (Moderate) Partial tearing of the ligament. You may have moderate swelling, pain, tenderness, and looseness of the ankle joint.
  • Grade 3: (Severe) Full tear of the ligament. You may have severe swelling, pain, tenderness, and instability within the ankle joint.

The “Root Cause” of Your Ankle Sprain

Aside from simply taking a “bad step,” your sprain was likely the result of an underlying problem.

The most common underlying cause of an ankle sprain is weak muscles around the ankle. Your muscles support your ligament, so it’s more likely that your ligament will overstretch and tear if you have weak ankle muscles.

Other common underlying causes for ankle sprains include:

  • Not performing ankle strengthening, stretching, and mobility exercises
  • Unsupportive footwear (such as flip flops, heels, or worn out sneakers)
  • Exercising/Walking on an uneven surface (such as sand, a slant, or a rocky trail)
  • Not warming up before exercise
  • Sitting, standing, lifting, and/or exercising with poor posture
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How You Can Reduce the Risk of an Ankle Sprain

If any of the common “root causes” of ankle sprains relate to you…correct the problem immediately!

This means taking preventative measures such as:

  • Wearing supportive footwear
  • Warming up before exercise
  • Increasing the duration/intensity of exercise gradually, with enough recovery time
  • Practicing good posture
  • Exercising on flat, shock-absorbing surfaces such as fields, a track, and smooth dirt roads.

You MUST Treat the Root Cause to Recover Completely

After you sprain your ankle once, it is highly likely that you will sprain it again if you don’t treat the root cause.

Imagine going for a leisurely walk outside and getting ANOTHER ankle sprain that seemed to appear out of the blue.

When you get a sprain the first time, your ligament weakens.

Without fixing the root cause, you can get ankle sprains over and over, which could then lead to more serious ankle injuries.

Plus, if your gait (the way you move on foot) is thrown off by the sprain, you can develop injuries in other areas of your body as well.

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There’s a Better Solution…

If you suffered an ankle sprain, you were probably told to rest until it feels better.

Your doctor may have prescribed painkillers.

These “solutions” aren’t really solutions at all. They simply treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause.

Symptom-masking methods of treatment are dangerous and will inevitably lead to repeated pain and frustration.

We understand how much an ankle sprain can negatively impact your life.

That’s why our ankle specialists use the The Gray Method TM , a revolutionary method of treatment that treats the “root cause” of injuries to provide you with PERMANENT relief.

We Find the REAL Cause… and Fix It

The underlying cause of your sprain is difficult to recognize on your own – and usually, there is more than one.

Our patients are surprised to learn that the sprain wasn’t such an “accident” after all.

Instead, it may have resulted from underlying causes like mobility issues or muscular imbalances.

Our expert ankle team can pinpoint the underlying cause of YOUR ankle sprain – often in less than twenty minutes. Together, we’ll create a plan that will put a wall between you and the next “random” ankle sprain.

Take a Minute to Get Started with Ankle Sprain Treatment…You’ll be Happy You Did

Why continue to suffer with reoccurring sprains when a majority of ankle sprains are COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE?

Once you get the right treatment, your quality of life will skyrocket.

You’ll finally be able to continue your usual activities pain-free and without the fear of reinjuring your ankle.

Permanent relief for your ankle sprain is just a click away!

Let’s Pin Down the Underlying Cause to Get You Better Quickly

You now know that ankle sprains ARE preventable.

So why spend another day in pain?

The longer you delay treatment, the worse you will feel.

Don’t allow your sprained ankle to interrupt your life any longer!

Contact our office or schedule your appointment today.

You’ll be so happy to get back in motion again without pain.

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