Ankle Sprain Recovery Timeline

The time for an ankle sprain recovery greatly varies from case -to -case. What happens in the initial three hours after the injury occurs, greatly impacts the course of treatment. Adherence to the orders of a trained medical professional in the aftermath determines the ankle sprain recovery time. This recovery period is also determined in great part by the overall health and age of the patient. However, if the person fails to completely follow all the rules and regulations set forth by a medical professional, there is a good ch-ance that a complete recovery may takes months instead of weeks.

Should Painkillers be a Factor in Ankle Sprain Recovery?

The ankle sprain recovery may be seriously hampered by a potential for re-injuring the very same ligament that became overly stretched or torn. This is the case when the sprain is not properly iced, supported, and elevated. Additionally, there is also the chance that too much weight is being put on the leg too soon after the injury occurred. The use of painkillers is unfortunately largely to blame for this happening. The pain associated with an ankle sprain recovery alerts the patient if she or he chooses to overly strain the limb.

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Painkillers Mask Your Symptoms And May Cause Further Injury…

With the use of painkillers, the pain is masked. This could make the patient unaware that the strain on the affected limb. Without the bodily warning to take it easy and allow for a complete ankle sprain recovery, there is the potential for adding a secondary injury. Even in cases where the patient works hard on avoiding the strain on the ankle, there is still the chance of undergoing another injury. This happens when the ankle sprain recovery period tempts the patient to change the way she or he uses the limb. This might mean an uneven distribution of weight. Often this occurs to avoid using crutches or a wheelchair. The ligaments most at risk are those associated with the knee joint because the ankle isn’t moving optimally.

Possible Solutions for Ankle Sprain Recovery

However, there are solutions to recovering from an ankle sprain without the use of painkillers or surgery.  To reduce your risks and help your ankle sprain recover try downloading our free report by clicking here.


A Definitive Guide for Overcoming Ankle and Foot Pain

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