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Here’s Why You Should Reconsider Spinal Surgery…

Here’s Why You Should Reconsider Spinal Surgery…

Your spine is NOT designed to be cut into.

Spinal surgery has a 50% failure rate…meaning you might endure spinal surgery, but the symptoms you’re experiencing don’t change or possibly get worse..

As we know, no surgery comes without risk.

Here are just a few of the risk specific to spinal surgery:

  • Recurrent or continueing symptoms
  • Infection
  • Dural tear (the protective tissue that surrounds the spine)
  • Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Nerve injury and paralysis
  • Adjacent level degeneration – this means surgery to one area of your spine causes the areas above and below to degenerate and become unstable, eventually leading to more surgery.

The Problem With Spinal Surgery Is That…

The Problem With Spinal Surgery Is That…

Only 1% of ALL patients actually need spinal surgery, based on the latest research.

This means you probably don’t need it, unless you’ve got severe nerve compromise or you’ve exhausted all the other forms of treatment.

Not only this, spinal surgery rarely addresses WHY you needed it in the first place.

If you do opt for surgery to fix your back, it is entirely likely that, over time, your pain could return with a vengeance, and you may have to go through the entire process again.

In fact, this is exactly what happens when many patients get a spinal fusion. The adjacent vertebrae become worn out and eventually you need another surgery…

Sadly, for many, repeat spinal surgery is a reality.

You must determine the source or the real reason “WHY” it occurred in the first place.

Our lower back pain treatments and specialist will pin point exactly the cause of your pain so we can start giving you permanent and lasting relief!

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Here’s How We May Be Able to Help You Avoid a Risky Spinal Surgery…

Here’s How We May Be Able to Help You Avoid a Risky Spinal Surgery…

  • The Gray Method™ An approach invented by our owner, Dr. Scott Gray. The premise behind everything focuses on pinpointing the original CAUSE of your injury, pain, or stiffness, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

  • Dry Needling Dry needling is an advanced technique that uses very small needles to puncture the skin around stiff muscles. This treatment is a safe and effective way to eliminate pain, muscle tension, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

  • Myofascial Release- A hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure and massage to the myofascial connective tissues. Your therapist will gently massage the myofascia and feel for stiff or tightened areas to eliminate pain and restore motion.

  • Mckenzie Method- A herniated disc treatment that uses repeated end range movements with sustained postural loading to help put the disc back in place taking the pressure off of your nerves.

  • Spinal Manipulation & Traction- A hands-on manual therapy technique that combines moving and jolting joints, massage, exercise, and physical therapy. It helps relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function.

  • Functional Mobility & Strengthening- An approach that helps increase your overall mobility and strength to ensure your pain stays away long after rehab. Increased strength & mobility will help you heal your current pain or injury, prevent future injuries, improve your posture, prevent chronic diseases, and protect bone health.

A Natural & Permanent Solution To Your Back Pain Is At Your Fingertips

A Natural & Permanent Solution To Your Back Pain Is At Your Fingertips

We’re not making any extraordinary claims here. Our practice understands that we can’t “fix” everyone. For some, surgery may be the only viable option.

Before you do that, however, doesn’t it make sense to explore all non-surgical treatments first?

Can you imagine the relief you’d feel NOT having to go through a difficult and risky surgery? To say nothing of dodging the pain and inconvenience that comes along with the required recovery and rehabilitation period.

If surgery is the last resort, The Gray Method™ is the logical first step.

Let’s discover the root cause of your pain and avoid spinal surgery!

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