We currently spend an estimated $30 BILLION on neck pain in the US alone each year.

Needless to say, it is quite prevalent and you are not alone.

Although the cause of neck pain varies from person-to-person, here are 5 proven and easy ways to reduce your neck pain without painkillers or surgery.

1) Stop Sitting As Much

When we sit, our neck gets put into a forward position. When the neck is forward, it creates increase strain on the neck muscles behind the back of the head.

These muscles, in essence, are trying to hold the head up but overtime results in neck pain because they are working overtime.

2) Move Your Neck In the Pain Free Ranges

Our neck was made to move and not sit in one position for a prolonged period of time.

Rather than sitting and not moving your neck for hours at a time, try moving your neck in as many ways as possible but ….

In the ranges and motions that are not discomforting.

When you move your neck you are allowing your body to heal because it provides nutrition to the muscles, discs, and joints.

3) Loosen Your Shoulders

The shoulder and its associated muscles connect directly to the neck. When your shoulders get stiff or tight, the neck usually produces pain.

A quick and easy way to increase mobility in your shoulders is to stand up periodically and reach your arms overhead or even doing some “shoulder circle” exercises that you learned in physical education class once upon a time.

This alone, can alleviate your neck pain naturally and perhaps for good.

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4) Perform Light Massage to Skull

The sub-occipital muscles, which attach at the top of the neck connecting to your skull are the muscles that get the tightest.

When tight, they often produce headache symptoms or even general neck pain. To loosen these muscles and to get them to relax, perform gentle massage on these muscles.

How I like to do this is put my “pointer finger” on the muscles and rub it in a circular fashion.

BE AWARE: you may fall asleep because it feels that good.

5) Fix Your Breathing

This may seem counter intuitive but this may be the best advice of all! We currently live in a world of high stress.All of us are in the mind-set of hurry, hurry, hurry. This causes us to breathe improperly which makes us use muscles to breath that we shouldn’t normally use all the time.

Many of these muscles attach directly to the neck and become overworked and cause neck pain.

The way you fix your breathing is to do the obvious and reduce your stress in your life.

This could mean going out and exercising, laughing more, taking time off, and relaxing.

To fix your breathing you want to take deep breaths through your nose and your belly rather than your chest.

If you do apply this you will feel relief if no time.

If these don’t work or you are trying to discern EXACTLY what you need to to alleviate your neck pain so you can have peace of mind, work more productively, or even avoid surgery and painkillers you should seeks care from your local expert physical therapist.


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